Reliving 1987 (ish)

This week some of my old childhood favorites are being released and re-released on DVD. You're never too old to watch David Bowie in all of his make-up and glam-rock-splendor in Labyrinth. And if puppets are your thing, The Muppet Show Season Two has just been released in addition to Fraggle Rock Season Three. Check out the children’s DVD collection at AADL, and don’t ever apologize for checking out an item labeled “Youth.” Kermit and Gobo are funny no matter what age you are.


Oh my gosh! There are three things you need to know about me. My hero is Rowlf, I love The Muppet Show, and my favourite song in the world is "Rainbow Connection." Close second: "Moving Right Along." (Both on the The Muppet Show: the 25th Anniversary Collection)

i was popping in to say those are great picks!

and jjm, "rainbow connection" is your fave song ever?? wow. i quite like it myself. when my brother was in 1st grade and ice skated, for the big final show his skating group was dressed up like frogs (with glittery dome eyes!) and skated to "rainbow connection." i was pretty jealous. as i had to skate to "strolling in the park one day." oh, the memories.

Actually, I was just watching my newly purchased Season Three of The Office (the library owns Season 1 and Season 2, but no 3 yet,) and one of the episodes featured a character playing the banjo and singing "RC." It was great.