More new Japanese books at the library!

There will soon be new Japanese books for adults at all branches. The selection varies from branch to branch and includes original Japanese works and works translated into Japanese from other languages. Browse the shelf for new books or place holds through the library catalog. Questions, comments or suggestions, please contact Click on "read more" to see a list of books.

秘花 BY 瀬戶内寂聴
("Hika" by Setouchi Jakuchō)
大きな熊が来る前に、おやすみ BY 島本理生
("Ōkina kuma ga kuru mae ni oyasumi" by Shimamoto Rio)
チエちゃんと私 BY よしもとばなな
("Chie-chan to watakushi" by Yoshimoto Banana)
私のスフレ BY 林真理子
("Watashi no sufure" by Hayashi Mariko)
なわとび千夜一夜 BY 林真理子
("Nawatobi senya ichiya" by Hayashi Mariko)
図書準備室 BY 田中慎弥
("Tosho junbishitsu" by Tanaka Shinʼya)

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