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Here's a provocative podcast, produced by longtime tournament regulars [gtplayer:143] (Level 43) and his brother [gtplayer:146] (Level 41), called the AADL-GT Forum. In this episode, they talk about balance, make some excellent suggestions, and air some well-reasoned gripes. Check it out! Don't forget, if you want to produce your own podcast to be published here, or come in and use our podcast studio, just let me know at eli at


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dude just go to smashboards and find other kalamzoo ppl, theres been alot whose wanted to set up a smash thing there

"STD at my house on friday!!!!"

"why would i want your std?"

Holder of the 9000th post!!!

After I read your post, I was very close to swearing at you on this board many times. What is your problem? I introduce the fact that I'm bringing new players and you shoot it down and say "but who ever it is they wont ever place in smash so why even come." (that's a question [?])
Hm, maybe because it's fun?!? Maybe because they want to play?!? Ever think of that? Do you know why I come the the tournaments? I find them fun! Who cares if I get a prize or not? I found a way to enjoy myself and increase popularity at the library while staying away from my friends who offer me whiskey and marijuana (I decline, of course.) Isn't the library a fun way to spend a once-a-month Saturday afternoon?
How disrespectful of you to even say such a thing about someone you don't even know yet! I can't guarantee that they will place in the top five or even fifty! That shouldn't discourage them from showing up and having a little fun! Who cares if I have the occasional bad game? I shrug and go get some pizza.
Some people take these tournaments a little too seriously. What you all need to know is that Eli created this program to have a place where teenagers can come and have fun, where people of all skill levels can still have a good time. There are rules that appeal to the expert players and the beginner players. It's a game, most people want to play it whether or not they win.
Anyways, I'm done. I hope you think better about beginner players and the casual gamer. Not all gamers are driven on the "must win or don't bother showing up" thought pattern.
Good night to you.


dude chill.... at the end of the road when you look at it for what it is nobody comes to lose. If your so scared of a little compittion then you shouldn't come either. If you are close to posting swear words to what i had to say then that shows your real character right there. And yes, its ok to have fun and that is one of the most important things but the last time i lost in something it wasn't very fun. You gotta remember this isn't just some free play to come to because people are actaully battling in a vast competitive game. Also i didn't say anything disrespectful to anyone directly so i don't know where you got that from. Don't get me wrong im a good person so i just wanted to give you the truth before they come in thinking they were the best(like i did my first tourni in march madness). Also if this is the only fun thing to you because you are distracted by your friends which you say are a bad influences then your hanging with the wrong people dude. Get so friends who actually like you for who you are and like the things you like or your going to be a sad little fela all your life. If you want you can start as me being a good friend of yours?

omg B.O.M. PWNS

Shin: bus driver i completely respect your idea of bringing friends but that was my brother and yes, he does tend to take trash talk too far so please pay no attendion to him.


EBD, how's it looking with a second podcast?

Omega E.B.D. is right you are wrong.

These tourtaments weren't intended to be for the best people. They were to give many people a chance to do good and go far in the tourtaments . That is my understanding(Correct me if I'm wrong Eli or anyone else)
and yes the best people should win most times, but whats wrong with someone else winning.

So you are wrong. Some people do come to lose. In your own clan's words "no one can beat "us" at single smash". That is true. So if only 4 people can win and 60 people show up didn't 56 come to lose?

So isn't there a problem that needs to be changed if the same 4 people can win each time.

Imagine if you didn't stand a chance no matter how hard you "practiced" to be a top kart player. How much fun would that be?

So in a way you are right no one comes to lose. That should be changed to most people don't come to lose. Some people do come knowing they have close to 0% chance of winning. Most people wouldn't. That is why attendance is down and I think the current format of the tourtaments needs to be heavily re-considered.

the reason the same people win every time is because we are that much better then you. If you were to take everyone in clan us out of the touni's for the rest of the season then there would be no consestant winner because everyone else is not very good. SSBM is a game where the better person usually wins. For example if i played anyone out of clan us normaly i would beat them. Also the reason people come back is because they think they got better and want to try again or they come to try and get better. Why do something if you already know you can't win? That makes no sense. So like i said in a competition nobody comes to lose. They might come out a loser but they did not intend to lose. I mean who does something with the intent of failing. Don't worry if you were at the top of ssbm then you would think the same as me. Plus why shouldn't the best players always win. they are the BEST PLAYERS. It would make no sense if you were to win a ssbm touri because you are not very good at it. We are good because we know advanced tactics and practice them. We were not born good. If you wanted to be good at smash then you could be BUT you rather talk about how good we are and that it Is not farE that the worst players can't win. For example, look at lain. Last year he sucked at smash. Now he has made a transformation and has become a good advanced player. JUST STOP COMPLAINNING ABOUT HOW GOOD WE ARE AND GO LEARN HOW TO GET GOOD. shEESH

" If you were to take everyone in clan us out of the touni's for the rest of the season then there would be no consestant winner"

i beg your pardon

"STD at my house on friday!!!!"

"why would i want your std?"

Holder of the 9000th post!!!

the main problem is people whine about them not being good, but they DON"T PRACTICE.

we practice. we put our time into this game. we got better. get over it.

i'm sure people practiced kart. they got better. do we whine? no.

get over yourselves.

Shin/Omega you meant anyone outside of clan Us when you said "if i played anyone in clan us i would normally beat them", right?

omega-i said if i played anyone out of clan us i would normally beat them. The way you interpet that is completely on you. Also pwnerer i think im up to a mm with you. What do you say. I've gotten alot better. The funny thing about it is i only practice with shin so yeah...

Yawn... whats with all of the long posts lately i didn't read them but it seems to me that they were probably unessasary

omega- i have ssbb reserved and halo 3. I can't wait tell the 25th. Also who are you angel of death, a new regular or just so other person that has no life so they waste there time doing nothing.

everyone is right, everyone comes for their own reasons and clan us is da best at smash and everyone hates us for it, thats about the jist of it

holder of the 12000th post and also the STD post and holder of the record for most lemons stuffed into a single chicken and holder of most superscope glitches performed in aadl matches, 3 to be exact and probably more next time

that is all

i think angel of death is flare?

"STD at my house on friday!!!!"

"why would i want your std?"

Holder of the 9000th post!!!

Yawn... Ding! DIng!Ding ding! we have a winner and for yor prize you will recieve the prestigious and highly coveted " I'm not oblivious to the obvious award." You'll recieve at the next turnament :)
But seriously Omega i didn't even change my signature
oh and eli does the foriegn exchange clan still exist? I know that I being in the foriegn exchange should know, but i couldn't really make it to turnis last year so uh yeah...

ok im done with this trash talk crap!

lets talk turni rules... and turniness!!!

will there be team smash friendly fire?

i vote yes

because it keeps you more focused into the game and is really great way for people who arnt able to play verywell a better chance of winning.

if you argue with this reason then we have to unban all the other stages!!!

omega- omg dude if you want to get better don't try and change the rules so you can have a better chance just go practice. They rules are set and will not change. Face it if you want to get better it won't be buy cheap ways it will only happen if you give the same ammount of dedication as i did to get better. Man sometimes you can really be a pain. Also did know that in every mlg touri for ssbm they have band stages and no items. Do you know why? I'll tell you, because that way the game is fare and does not rely on luck. Man im so sick and tired of seeing you guys talk about how ssbm is unfair. Just get over it. Nobody is complainning about kart. The same people win in kart but you don't see me complaining. All i do is go back home and start practicing again so that next time i can do better. Mabye you should do the same rather then be a sore loser and complain about why you can't win. For example, the lions. They went many seasons as being the losers but the didn't complain and try to make excuses. They went back and practiced and got better and now look where they are. Mabye you could learn something from them if you had a brain.

no 1 is complaining with kart cause it is perfect!!!

also im looking forward to taking your $5 next saturday!!

omega-in your dreams noob.

i see john, by trying to enforce a friendly fire on rule, is thinking that clan us doesn't want that.

well... i can speak for my whole team by saying:

we don't give a damn. honestly, we PREFER team attack on.

that is all.

The funny thing about this thread is that Omega and Shin, by saying that the current rules will allow you to dominate indefinitely, are in fact presenting a very strong case for changing the rules.

The idea that there is less skill in Kart than there is in Smash is false. If Kart were played with no items then the same people would win the tournaments every time and people would complain about it.

I think I'll make another podcast soon, if I have time, to expand on these ideas and suggest some changes so that smash is a more balanced event.


omega- oh please take the items off in kart. I'd own all of ya. The point of a competition is not for everyone to be a winner is for the best people or team to be the winners. In any sport it works like this or in any other competion so then why are you trying to say it should be different here. Please if that is the way everyone see's it then take items off for kart and make pools like smash. 1v1 and one free for all. Then kart and smash would be exactly the same. Now that would put a smile on my face. Not only because you guys would shut up but i would be on the top of kart. :)

yea i like team attack on

holder of the 12000th post and also the STD post and holder of the record for most lemons stuffed into a single chicken and holder of most superscope glitches performed in aadl matches, 3 to be exact and probably more next time

that is all

TP2, I asked earlier if I could be a part of your next podcast, and was wondering what you thought of that.

shin: yeah we do need some smash players point of view SERIOUSLY.and john who ever said your gonna win plus your the one thats scared to go above $5 :o

Omega if it was no item kart i seriously doubt you would win. UNless when you lose you always you are in the front and than take a blue shell at the last minute.

Because as of right now you have a kart rating under 40 and have only won once.

Also no item kart wouldn't be as fun.

"The point of a competition is not for everyone to be a winner is for the best people or team to be the winners"

Yes this is true, but it isn't going to happen. If me and you play 100 times i will probably win once and if that one time is at a tournament than i am still not as good at the game, but i move on.

That is the reason things are fun. UPSETS. People don't come to these to get better they come to have fun and no matter who you are you have more fun winning. So by making an oppurtunity for more people to win by providing more randomness. More people will have fun.

I'm not saying people aren't having fun, but losing every time isn't fun and that is why many don't come back to these events and attendance is way down.

1.Have 3 FFA elimniations. Getting stuck with a good new comer in a pool is too much of a risk. But the pools are still ok

2.Make the first round of elimniation FFA and top 2 move on

3.Put all items on.

I think these can be agreeable compromises. Since the winner is still decided by 1 v 1's. the 5 or so hardcore smash people also can have the friday night smash tourtaments.

Bad driver, aren't you TP2s brother?

Can I be in your podcast?

Yes me and TP2 are related. I'm not in charge of the podcast. He'll be home from work in a little bit i will tell him to go on the blog.

Pwnerer- It'd be great if you could be on the next podcast, I'm thinking about doing one about smash and you'd be a good person to have on that podcast.

If you have some sort of VoIP program on your computer we can do it that way or we could try to set up a time to meet at the library.


hahahahaha ill pwn you and you cant turn off items on kart!!!

IM LOOKING FORWARD TO TAKING YOUR $5 NEXT SATURDAY! and i dont want the turni to be canceled due to cause of betting on da games...

maby next year when im not gonna be there any more!!!!!!!

omega-no tc if i were to play you in my sleep i'd beat you. I mean you got for stocked by my brothers pikachu. Even if we played 1000 times you would not win a single match. Also i want eli to tell me is the perpose of coming to the tournis is to try and win or just to have fun. And i am as good at kart as anyone else so if anyone wants to play 1v1 no items then i would be happy to beat you. Yeah thats right im calling all yall out... Don't be scared now. Put your money were your mouth is and i'll be happy to take it. Also sense they are changing the format you will be able to see my real skill in kart.

TC Bad Driver, that's not agreeable. all items? what the heck. and that's way too many free for alls. sooner or later the good players are gonna get 3 v 1'ed and THEN it becomes unfair.

seriously, you guys complain about not being good at smash and then try and squander through to 1st place without practicing or ANYTHING. people in kart got good because they practiced. do we complain and try to change rules? no. we worked hard (i mean look at shin, he got leagues better).

you guys need to man up and just pratice smash, cause in this game ANYONE can win, you just need to practice instead of whining.

ha skills in kart my a$& thats not a bad word its got the $ sign and the & sign not the other leters...

Actually, I would have to argue against all of you on a few points.

First of all, none of the Kart players at AADL-GT come close to touching the ability possessed by the top Mario Kart players in the world, no one. If you go online and search for videos of professional Kart players running time trials, you'll understand what I mean, everyone here pales in comparison.

As for Smash, I agree that it is harder to learn how to perform all the various advanced techniques for Smash (Wavedashing, SHFFLing, etc.) than it is in Kart (Snaking and advanced item management), but my point is, in Smash, once you learn how to do all the advanced techniques with ease, you can hold your own against the best of the best. I'm sure the number one player in the world would beat all of us in a majority of matches, but once you figure him out, you can exploit any weaknesses in his game by altering your mind games.

Not so in Mario Kart,

If you and the top player in the world raced with no items on, he would beat you EVERY TIME.
It is most definitely harder to win consistently in Mario Kart because players stop striving for improvement once they think they are good, but none of us are actually even close to be considered true pro material. Therefore, we have many equally skilled Kart players, all hoping to be the lucky on that just happens to win. But the reason why none of us are willing to take that next step, is because it is so much harder to do than in Smash.

As for Smash, take the Roysters, Cisco, and Lain, all three of them got very good in Smash very quickly, especially of Lain.

Now, if you any of your people can hit professional level in Kart in the same time those three hit pro level in Smash, I would be highly highly impressed.

These Library tournaments are indeed for determining the best player, but under a set of rules that give the underdogs a fighting chance. It's true that we would be reminded month after month that Pwnerer is the best Smash player, and Johninabox, TP2, and various other players rotate around as the best Mario Kart racer. If you guys watch college football, how many of you are tired of always seeing USC, Oklahoma, Texas and LSU on top of the standings? Year after year, those teams win consistently, why? Because they are the best of the best. But how many of you are always rooting for the underdog? When USC plays Washington, when LSU plays South Carolina, we all want the underdog to full off that miracle win, why?

Because there is always that chance.

And it makes things interesting.

It's amusing watching you guys argue over who is better with words and insults, when it should be done on the playing field.

wow did you really imply someone like... you... or... monkeyman... could beat Mew2King (arguably the best player in the world) by just figuring him out and learning how to wavedash?

No, I did not imply that.

Note the "mastering of advanced techinques"

and the "achieving pro level skill"

Are Monkeyman and I anywhere close to pro level skill? No.

If you played Mew2King about 10,000 times, I'm sure even you could pull it off at least once.

ok im sure every 1 is rooting for "us" the michigan team....
B.O.M is the team all we need is that 1 time that 1 chance to win that 2nd or 3rd in smash and we will have more points over all that day and that will jump B.O.M. into first....

and we will take first by blocking your wins in smash (blocked fieldgoal)

and winning all of kart (recovering the ball)

GO B.O.M.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FJW FTW. Totally summed up these tournaments. At first, when I read that post, I thought it was Eli. Then I checked the name, and it was FJW. He knows what he speaks.
"OK, next year we're going to change the tournament name from AADL-GT to AADL-GR... "Goat Rodeo!!!" - Eli
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FJW, you've never played anyone good. You honestly don't know what you're talking about. I've played PC Chris, M2K, and a variety of other fantastic players.

For reference, Lain and I played many matches at the end of last season. It was a miserable ending for him. However, he had mastered the "advanced techniques" proficiently. He was just completely undeveloped and inexperienced at his characters.

This is why I fourstocked him time after time, without fail, with nearly half of the characters in the game, some of which were blatantly horrible.

PC Chris would not lose to Lain, the Roysters, or I in a million years in a single match that occurred on a neutral stage, probably not even a counterpick (depending on whether or not PC is choosing to play like, M2 or something). He just wouldn't lose unless he got tired of playing the game (which happens after about 7 matches straight from the mental strain). Neither would Mew2King. You seriously have no idea what you're talking about.

Lain and I are the only ones who are actually qualified to talk about competitive smash in here, because we're the only ones involved in it. Omega/Shin are good enough to play at that level, but they've been to one tournament, and unfortunately that tournament was Evo2K (not representative of the general tournament SSBM scene).

Everybody on here should know that it's Eric's (EJK's) birthday today. So wish him Happy Birthday on Sunday, cause he's part of the team that brings these awesome tournaments to you.
"OK, next year we're going to change the tournament name from AADL-GT to AADL-GR... "Goat Rodeo!!!" - Eli
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"Submitted by shin and omega on Mon, 09/24/2007 - 9:41am.
Also i want eli to tell me is the perpose of coming to the tournis is to try and win or just to have fun."

Refer to Here to hear the whole story about balance between fun and professional.


Okay, I give the nod to Pwnerer in the smash discussion.

He's probably right, but I'm just saying, you guys are all arguing over which game is harder to win consistently in, and one of the things you all bring up is the so called "simplicity" that is Mario Kart.

Sure the various button combinations involved in Smash are much more complicated than the ones in Mario Kart, but Smash is more than just button combinations. As you pointed out Pwnerer, experience and mind games go a long way in deciding who will win a match.

Those can't really be trained/practiced up, they are accumulated gradually over time after playing many many matches.

In Mario Kart, once you achieve supremacy, no amount of mind games or whatnot will knock you off your perch. It is harder to win consistently in Mario Kart because there are less facets of the game for one to master.

In Smash, you can master one, some, or all the various aspects of the game, with each one bringing more and more victories until you have a full repertoire of skills. Pwnerer wins because he has more "talent" than most people here, I could practice the advanced techniques all I want, but the thing I am desperately lacking in is experience.

If I practiced for Mario Kart, once I can snake, and hit every corner and every turn to perfection, I do not need any experience, I can win consistent.

It's just getting to that skill level in Mario Kart, that's what takes the most practice; just boring old practice by yourself.

yea i successfully made the smoke bomb!!!!! and i got 100% better at smash and 250% better at kart!

shin: "Pwnerer wins because he has more "talent" than most people here" FJW I really dont think its TALENT i would say more like experience. i say that because pwnerer has more experience than anybody in the aadl gt (except anrther) and hes played some of the best people around. So calling it talent wouldnt really be giving him all his credit thats all im saying.

Experience is a big part, that's certain

But you can never ever neglect pure, natural talent in any competitive event.

omega-fjw do you even know where pwnerer and us stands in the real smash world. To be honest we are still nobodys. TAlent in smash is to be able to do what most people cant do. For exampe, Dashizwiz can multi shine 16x. He is a talented person because most people in this world cant do that which gives him an advantage and makes him special. To be honest almost anyone at the aadl could be as good as me in smash. I didn't start out good and nether did cisco. We all had to learn day by day and we all had to lose alot of matchs to get where we are at know.

That's exactly my point

Anyone can get to the point that you and Cisco are at, it's talent and intelligence that sets the truly special apart from the great.

In Mario Kart, you could be the dumbest person in the world, and have absolutely no talent at all, but if you practiced your butt off for a long period of time, you will eventually be able to achieve perfection. After you get there, the most talented player in the world could only tie you, because there is a peak at how good you can get in Mario Kart.

Smash plateaus at a certain point, but the sky is really the limit as to how good you can really get.
Mario Kart peaks, and you cannot get any better.

It's harder to get to Mario Kart's peak, than it is to get to Smash's plateau.

The shifted librian presentation was interesting

I would really like to have Eli come on and clear things up because the arguements right now aren't going anywhere

shin: i agree FJW .

yeah, FJW. you are one of the few people to talk at least a LITTLE sense about the variations here.

shin: what arguements bad driver? These are clearly different point of views of what people think about of the aadl gt. This would most likely to be a debate theres no hard feelings here or am i wrong? But like you said it would be nice to see eli point of view :)

i withdrawl from the race and the rest of you noobs can keep rambl'n on

I guess arguements might have been bad word choice and debate is better though they ar pretty much the same thing

I just want Eli to give his opinon

when will da register b open?

oh yea!!!!!

diddy uses his banana guns for a final smash!!!!!!!

So, does anyone on here have Halo 3 yet?

I don't, I don't even have a 360, but I'm curious to see if anyone went out last night and/or skipped school to get/play it...
"OK, next year we're going to change the tournament name from AADL-GT to AADL-GR... "Goat Rodeo!!!" - Eli
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yup i gots it im not at school today and im playing it right now!!!!!!!

im doing the same thing for brawl (no school for the first 3 days it comes out)!!!!!!!!

im drinking my gamefuel as i will when brawl come out!!!!

and i might say that halo 3 is awsome!!!!!!!!!!!

i got it at 2:00 in da morning!!!!
im gonna beat it soon i hope !!!!!!!!

multi player is off the chain!!!!

kk break over im going back to my halo 3!!!!!

HOLY SNORK what a great thread. Sorry I've been away so long, guys, but it's interesting how far this page has come. We keep coming back to the same arguments. Remember, arguments aren't inherently a bad thing, but I do prefer that they be civil, and I think we drifted away from that a little bit.

The short answer is: everybody is right. These tournaments are both for competition and for fun. The core reason that we're doing these events (as you might know if you could sit through my whole talk posted upthread) is because Libraries are in the business of meeting the content needs of our communities, and videogames are content too. The best way to offer this content to the audience that wants it (you guys) is through tournaments. If we just checked out games we wouldn't be having this argument, would we? Tournaments are the most exciting and compelling way to provide game content to gamers, and it helps us build these participatory networks with the library at the center, where you can get all these gamers together online so they can have flameouts and insult each other's momma on the library website. Great, huh?

These tournaments are not to determine who is the best hands down, and they're not just to have fun playing games. It's about both. Games are more fun when there's something at stake, but they're less fun when you have no chance at winning that something. Finding that balance is our greatest challenge, but thanks to your well-reasoned and continued feedback, I think we've done a very good job in straddling that line as I said way back up there at the top of the page.

The bottom line is that I want everyone to have a good time. We all know that these events are exciting and intense, and most people enjoy that. However, some people (*cough*OMEGA*cough*=) have a hard time having a good time when they lose. That's OK. Competition is a central component of our culture and being driven to succeed is always a good thing. However, as EBD rightfully pointed out, many players come just to have fun, play games, eat pizza, and have a shot-- even a remote one-- at a prize. The casual players are just as welcome at our tournament as the more dominant players, and frankly, I'd like to see a higher level of class from top players in helping to beckon the earnest noobs in, where they will be just as surely decimated regardless of whether or not you told them that they had no chance. Nothing says class like a master giving a noob a friendly tip or two to help them be a little less newbish next time. We were all noobs once.

That said, mind games are a big part of most serious competitions, and I expect a certain amount of that here. However, breaking out weapons-grade trash talk against someone who everyone knows has no real chance is overkill; that's called showing your hand, and to mix my metaphors a bit, never play an ace when a two will do. On the flip side, remember that when you are a target of said mind games, getting drawn into it is yielding control of the relationship to the attacker. Don't swing at a pitch in the dirt.

I want these to be fair competitions, and our challenge is that fair is a very subjective term. Some players think that a fair tournament means that the rules will protect them from ever losing a match to a less skilled player's lucky break. Some players think that a fair tournament involves equal chance at lucky breaks that might lead to an upset. Upsets are good for everyone except for the player who got upset, and as I've said before, our GT season ruleset strives to offer a balance between hope and dominance; although you may notice that the presence of hope does not seem to be making much of a dent in the dominance, especially in Smash. An upset every once in a while, even when a prize is on the line, will not kill you, and you know what they say about things that don't kill you.

Part of the reason for this continued Smash dominance, however, is that a Smash Master is much more untouchable than a Kart Master. It is easier for a Smash Master to control a match than a Kart Master to control a match. That is not to say that it is easier to be a Smash Master than a Kart Master; it's quite the reverse. It takes much more practice and study to become adept at Smash than Kart, but once you've reached a state of mastery relative to your opponents, the Smash Master is simply more assured of victory than the Kart Master. Note that I refuse to even acknowledge the suggestion that Mario Kart be played without items. That proves nothing other than one's willingness to suck the joy out of their lives. =)

One way to look at it is that this disparity is where the GT balance actually happens. Smash tips the balance towards skill; Kart tips it back towards luck. Then we have the standalone events every once in a while (like this friday's regulation-style tournament) to settle some scores. If I was going to make one (more) change to the GT ruleset, I would increase the item frequency a notch since we've already turned off the really egregious items. But that's just me.

So, to sum up, Competition is Good. Having Fun is Good. Respecting All Players is Good. I think there's room for all three at our events, and I'd like to see more of all of the above.

Any questions? Stay tuned for a post and a fresh thread in which to yell at each other.


when i finished reading it i forgot what the first part was...

but over all kool

now back to halo 3!!!

"The short answer is: everybody is right"

Sounding very political Eli.

So i would really like to see Melee head in a more balanced dircetion, but regardless i love these tourtaments so i'm not going to complain too much. Eli I have a cross country meet again and i hopefully can make it at 12, but can i be put in a later pool if im not there?

omg im soo tired but i must keep going!!!

more game fuel!!!!!!! i only have 35cans left started with 50

bak to halo3

mmmmm... acceptable

im gonna keep playing halo!!!!!!!!!!!!

no more school till friday!

also im down to 20 cans of gamefuel

john, you are a marketer's dream come true.

Haha, pwned.

GameFuel isn't even that good... It's just LiveWire mixed with Code Red.
"OK, next year we're going to change the tournament name from AADL-GT to AADL-GR... "Goat Rodeo!!!" - Eli
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...with a dash of Brominated Vegetable Oil. Don't miss the last paragraph.

if everyone will look bak to my earlier post they will see that i also said "everyone is right"

holder of the 12000th post and also the STD post and holder of the record for most lemons stuffed into a single chicken and holder of most superscope glitches performed in aadl matches, 3 to be exact and probably more next time

hahaha nice

omega-almost time to pwn everyone.

to get pwned

to get pwned by the pwned

holder of the 12000th post and also the STD post and holder of the record for most lemons stuffed into a single chicken and holder of most superscope glitches performed in aadl matches, 3 to be exact and probably more next time

Savage is, if you'll pardon the pun, a rather odd beast - created using the limbs and extremities of an amalgamated bunch of usually very separate animals and, to bring my nonsensical prevarications to a close, Savage: The Battle for Newerth is an intriguing blend of third-person tactical shooter and real-time strategy.
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I spent a little while working on this one and it would've been up sooner, but it was too big and I had to make it smaller by converting it to WMV.
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