Gaming in Libraries? Definitely.

Eli talking trash

While AADL has had gaming for some time it still remains just a possibility for most libraries. However, interest is growing and this year even ALA put on a Gaming, Libraries and Learning Symposium featuring non-other then our own Eli. You can listen to his talk about choosing games for your library here.

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They also have audio of Eli's feature presentation including the announcement of the GT System. Audio from their other presentations available if you like voices other than Eli's.


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"OK, next year we're going to change the tournament name from AADL-GT to AADL-GR... "Goat Rodeo!!!" - Eli
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Holder of the 9000th post!!!

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"And you can big their boobs are and how much they jiggle. I'm not kidding! You can pause the game and go into the menu: Jiggle more/Jiggle less"-Eli

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Just to be clear, that quote was talking about the jiggle factor as a bad thing. Not that many librarians would look at DOA and say "Yeah! That's the game for my event", but I just wanted to let them know how up front some titles were about their focus. =)

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i got the most matches played 208!!!!!

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