New adult books in Chinese at all branches

There will soon be many new Chinese books for adults at all branches. The selection varies from branch to branch and includes original Chinese works and works translated into Chinese from other languages. Browse the shelf for new books or place holds through the library catalog. Questions, comments or suggestions, please contact

A selection of new titles:

心中有鬼 by 枚糖果
大明王朝1566 by 刘和平著
花自飘落水自流 by 王朝著
最佳食物搭配方案 by 何计国, 车会莲编著
不存在的女兒/The Memory Keeper's Daughter
大唐帝国隋乱唐盛三百年 by 陈舜臣著
大象的眼淚/Water for Elephants