Stargazers, get ready!

The annual Perseid meteor shower peaks in mid-August with many shooting stars visible each hour. The night of August 12 through dawn of August 13, with a new moon- meaning no moonlight, will be one of the best nights for viewing. Since the shooting stars will seem to be emanating from the constellation Perseus, why not beef up your stargazing skills with a few star maps to make sure you're looking in the right spot. Check these out: Simple stargazing : a first-time skywatcher's guide, Atlas of the night sky, A walk through the heavens : a guide to stars and constellations and their legends, Star maps for beginners, Peterson first guide to astronomy. So grab your blanket and find a good spot to watch the sky!


Does anyone have some good suggestions on where to go near Ann Arbor for best viewing conditions?

Hello, just seeing your comment now. They were visible anywhere in Ann Arbor where the sky was dark enough to see the stars, somewhere without a lot of light pollution. Hopefully you were able to catch a glimpse of some of the beauties!