Duct Tape Re-Mix on Tuesday, August 7

We'll provide the tape-in a bunch of colors from camouflage to pink-and you do the rest. Make what you want and meet other tapeheads. There will be duct tape books like Got Tape?: Roll out the fun with duct tape on hand for inspiration. You'll also view some great duct tape websites.

Drop in 1:00-3:00 p.m. at Pittsfield.


Cool! My friend just told me about this. So I might go with her.

it was pretty fun and i took my friend with me and then i say my other friend so we had a fun time ........but i could'nt figure out what should i make ....you know like what thing should i make that is not stuped.......like a duck tape hulla skirt..........but it was ok and i make a black rist band and a small wallet ...............i wish i had more time to make more stuff....TT_TT