5th Annual Teen Graffiti Art Prints are on Display

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graffiti 07 hot sun

Art Prints are on display from the 5th Annual Teen Graffiti Art Contest, held on July 20th at the downtown library. 50 artists turned out on a windy art fair day to paint a spontaneous piece of art.
1st Place - Andrea Herrero - "Untitled"
2nd Place - Tyler Vane - "The Shadow of the Sun"
3rd Place - Mina Hirzel & Nika Olzewski - "Bunny's Honey"
Titles overall ranged from "An Alaskan Wilderness" to "Hope is Green" to "Inspired"

Come check out these works of art at the downtown Library's 3rd floor gallery space and in the Multi-Purpose Room. The exhibit will last until August 31st.

Thanks to Jerzy Drozd a local published graphic artist, who judged this year's contest.


Awsome! That was really fun, even tho I didn't win. ;)

Have you seen the exhibit (and brought along your friends)?
They're in numerical order by your artist entry #
I'm glad you had fun.
The exhibit looks awesome.

congratulations to all - 'specially Bunny's Hunny creators - Nika and Mina

a huge thank you to the library for sponsoring this great event.

mama and auntie olszewski

I really wanted to go to this, but it was the night Harry Potter came out and I went to go get it.