Temptress Moon

Temptress Moon can be summed up with two letters....P.U.

This movie is a supposed "love story", but I couldnt find the "love" in the story.

The leading man Zhongliang, Leslie Cheung, proclaims at the beginning of the movie he can no longer love. The leading woman Ruyi, Gong Li, cannot bear the fact he cannot love her. Consequently they both set out to prove their positions in this "love affair".

Due to the fact this film is full of scenes that float between the past and the present, the storyline develops a disjointed air throughout.

The characters are also hard to connect with. The weak dialogue between the characters, when they do converse, hinders the ability of the film to come together.

This is no Farewell My Concubine even though the director, Kaige Chen, is the same. The official FFG rating of this movie is a 3.