This week: Pokémon, Super Smash, and Mario Kart Tournaments, plus DDR at the Art Fair!

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It's late July in Ann Arbor, and that means (at least) two things; the Art Fair, and the return of the Super Smash Double Dash Championship Season! It will be a busy week at the library, and it all starts off with Pokémondays, this time at Malletts Creek Branch on Monday, 7/16, from 1-5 PM for players of all ages and Pokémon level 51 & up.

Then, come see us at the Ann Arbor Street Art Fair main stage next to the Belltower for DDR on Wednesday 7/18 and Friday 7/20 from 1-4 PM. There will be some prizes for the very best players, but you can also just come to show off in front of the crowd. You know you want to.

Finally, it's the end of the arduous off-season, as the clans converge on the Downtown Library on Saturday, 7/21, from Noon - 5 PM for the long-awaited Super Smash Double Dash Preseason Event! We'll have single and team kart and smash, and an opportunity to try out some new methods, recruit members for your clan, and size up the competition, and eat pizza. Hope to see you all there!

In case you're wondering, here is the official 2007 GT Season Schedule. All events downtown.

Sat 7/21 Preseason Event, 12-5
Fri 8/24 DDR, 6-8:45 PM
Sat 8/25 GT Round 1, 12-5
Sun 8/26 Mario Party Tournament, 1-4 PM

Fri 9/28 Super Smash Regulation Throwdown, 6-8:45 PM
Sat 9/29 GT Round 2, 12-5
Sun 9/30 Kids Kart for grades K-5, 1-4 PM

Fri 10/19 Rhythm Master Tournament 6-8:45 PM
Sat 10/20 GT Round 3, 12-5
Sun 10/21 Wii Sports Tournament, 1-4 PM

Fri 11/9 Guitar Hero 2 / Pikmin 2 Tournament, 6-8:45 PM
Sat 11/10 GT Round 4, 12-5
Sun 11/11 DDR, 1-4 PM
Fri 11/23 Pokémon Battle Revolution, 1-5 PM

Fri 12/14 Tournament TBA
Sat 12/15 2007 GT Championships, 12-5
Sun 12/16 Super Smash Bros BRAWL tournament 1-4 PM

And something very new and very cool....

Fri 12/21 First Annual AADL-GT Awards and Grudge Buffet, 6-8:45 PM

That's it for now... stay tuned.


Schedule looks sweet! What is the rule set going to be on saturday? Are you going to use pools for melee? I would say no 1 v 1 because the best person will win almost every time even with items. So really with the 1 v 1 tourtament setting there are only 3 people with a real chance of winning. Maybe FFA quals and than 2 FFA elimniations were top 2 move on than final 8 is 1 v 1 elimniation. That way the 5 or 6 hardcore people can have their 1 v 1's, but the rest of us can still have a shot at placing because some good people might lose in the FFA. So what i am trying to say and might not be too clear is that the best person shouldn't always win. They should win most of the time, but the rules should allow enough randomness for a lesser person to win or to at least have a hope of winning.

yeah, cause having the best people, who by the way have practiced far longer then any other scrubs at smash, win a tournament is terrible.

i can't attend this because i'm going to a tournament in Southfield. it's gonna be tiiiiiight.

omega-why shouldn't the best players always win. They are the best players and therefore they should have a far better chance winning in what their best in. Stop trying to take the easy way out and get around the big guns by 4v4. Just because your not a top smash player doesn't mean we should go down to your level to change the rules. Only and idiot would do that.

omega- also i am the best pokemon trainner ever so i will also be taking the pokemon revolution. My partie is simply unstoppable. I own firered emerald and pearl so i'll just migrate my big boys to pearl so i can own everyone.

so will and cisco when can u get together to practice?

Huzzah for the tournaments starting again!

Also, Bad Driver, are you still interested in commentating? I'd certainly love to have you with me rather than get some n00b in there who I haven't worked with before.

And also, to Omega, you'd better watch yourself at the Battle Revolution tournament. You may not be as good as you think, cause I've been training up some heavy hitters for the Wii version tournaments.

Lastly, I'm going to ask again that anyone who has a Wii post your friend code, because right now I have no friends. At least, not on my Wii.
"OK, next year we're going to change the tournament name from AADL-GT to AADL-GR... "Goat Rodeo!!!" - Eli
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omega-all lv 100. Perfect pokemon partie. No legendaries neccessary. Don't be shocked if i win the tourney. It will not be a surprise to me. Saddly i live in k-zoo so i won't be able to sweep any parties with my porygon-z xD but i'll be their in november. Six years i've been a champion in pokemon. This year i'll make seven. Also would you like to wifi battle.

Omega there is no fun in competition if the underdog has no chance of winning. I am going to use the MarioKart example. If we did mariokart how you guys want to do your melee it would be no fun. No item, 1 on 1 mariokart. I would love it because most likely i would perform better, but it would be more fun if anyone who has played for 5 hours has a shot at winning.
As far as i understand these tourtaments weren't mad for people to travel an hour too to play extremely intense super smash. These are suppose to be fun. I would say the majority of people would say a Free for all is more fun because it is more random. Omega i am not saying you have to come to my level. I think if i play you i should have a shot at winning. So the best person should win the majority of the time, but if we play a 1 v 1 you will beat just out of the fact you are better than me. If we play a free for all that does not change the fact that you are better than me, but gives me a small chance of winning because of more randomness. which would make the tourtaments in my opinon more enjoyable for all except the 3 or 4 of you who are use to winning everytime.

Tom i would like to commentate again and i hope i am better than some n00b :).

eli, for the mario party tourny i could bring MP8 if u want

my wii code is 6291 3611 2160 3579

i didn't bother to read any of that cause after i read "there is no fun in competition if the underdog has no chance of winning".

it's broken knowledge. why do you think people travel to tournaments out of state even though they know they have no chance of winning? it's because it is STILL fun. they STILL learn stuff.

example, i just took a 3 hour drive to Indiana for a huge tournament (a tournament where people from all over the world came to participate in, like Europe far), and we knew we didn't have a chance of placing, but the experience and the FUN was worth it.

practice more, get better, stop whining, gg.

also, does the preseason event count for points? i'm gonna be pissed off if it does.

haha it counts sucker

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"why would i want your std?"

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Lol @ Porygon Z sweeping with a base 90 speed. Are you running choice scarf on that thing?

I wanna wifi battle someone in pokemon <_<

hm. tough choice then. i might come with cisco then.

no it doesnt

Of course, Bad Driver, you are at least 20x better than a n00b! Maybe 22.
"OK, next year we're going to change the tournament name from AADL-GT to AADL-GR... "Goat Rodeo!!!" - Eli
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hmm i looked at ppls breakdown of points from last yr and the preseason counted from what i saw

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"why would i want your std?"

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any chance at the rating system debut by preseason?

does it or not. someone better freakin tell me.

idk eli said it didnt

Yes, the ratings will be in effect for this weekend.

Stay tuned for some cool stuff tomorrow.

/*== ejk ==*/

Dang, I have church canoeing trip this Saturday, and won't be able to attend.
Will preseason results be factored into the ratings?

And unless Limabean has improved significantly in the last month, I'm better than he is at smash.

ok, just to clear this up: the preseason event will count towards towards your xp and our rating, but we are awarding xp and ratings based on everything that is currently in the database. however, there is no clan play at the preseason event, and the season leaderboard, including the clan leaderboard, will reset before round 1. The idea is that every aadl-gt event counts towards your rating and your level, but the leaderboard is a regular season leaderboard.

Thanks for the offer, limabean, but I've already got MP8. =)

Lain you can disagree and i don't think i can convince you, but more so to Eli that in my opinon the rules have gotten a little too slanted towards the upper players with the 1 v 1's. I think it should be 3 free for all quals. Than 2 FFA elimniations were top 2 move on than final 8 is 1 v 1. So if you are good enough to play in the chaotic 4 player matches and the more faster 1 v 1's you are the best player. Take into consideration just because you can win 1 v 1's doesn't mean you are the best melee player it means you are the best 1 v 1 melee player. Free for all is a different type of game where you have to decide sometimes if you want to risk getting killed to kill someone and stuff like that.

So 1 v 1 might take more technical skill, but FFA in my thinking takes more thinking and less wavedashes and whatever.

So for saturday is it going to be all 1 v 1's? Also how are the other events going to work. Single elimniation team melee?
Excited to see the player rating and such
see you guys saturday

guesses on #1?

I'm very happy that the tournaments are starting up again. I wish I could still participate in some way, but I might not even see the championships.

Anyone that thinks his/her Pokemon team is the best is in for a big surprise. Some of these kids live on Pokemon, about half have at least one unattainable Pokemon.

Also xkcd had an amusing comic today

haha duck i lol'd

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"Take into consideration just because you can win 1 v 1's doesn't mean you are the best melee player it means you are the best 1 v 1 melee player."

True, but that's not the argument. It's not like we're having a smash biathlon where people have to do well in 1 v 1 and 2 v 2 to earn placings and stuff. It's separate.

"So 1 v 1 might take more technical skill, but FFA in my thinking takes more thinking and less wavedashes and whatever."

That's not true at all. In smash, there's three things. Tech skill, prediction, and mindgames. 1 v 1 utilizes all three, and it shows very well. I know more about competitive smash (and smash in general) then you do by far so please don't try and argue. FFA doesn't take thinking. There's basically you choose to not camp and you choose to camp. Then you can try and utilize mindgames, and tech skill, and prediction if you choose to not camp. But it's mighty hard to use those three assets when a marth is walking up and fsmashing you in the back of the head.

Also, I freakin' LOVE xkcd.

Duck, unattainable pokemon = ?

Most unattainable pokemon such as Arceus and Darkrai are banned from standard competitive play anyway...

Yeah Lain you do know more about smash.
"But it's mighty hard to use those three assets when a marth is walking up and fsmashing you in the back of the head"
That would take prediction. If you go around smashing people than someone is going to smash you. So sometimes you have to risk your life for a sure kill. That situation would never happen in 1 v 1 because if you are edge guarding some one no one will sneak up behind up and smash you. In FFA they will.

So this will probally be my final point. 1V1 requires more technical skill and mind games, but FFA requires more thinking.

"There's basically you choose to not camp and you choose to camp"
Even if this was true you would still have to THINK and not randomly leave your camping spot and get killed or to stay there when you are getting attacked with range and you dont have any.

So I think the tourtaments should have a good mixture of both and FFA should be in the elimniation rounds as well as 1 v 1's.

D-rex to predict the #1 i would say turtle or pwner. Turtle has always performed well in season 2 and 3. So if it is accumluative and you are not punished for a bad round he will win. If it is percentage based Pwner will win because he didn't play kart for awhile and wins almost every match he plays.

i will suk at percentage cus i really sucked in season 2

"Duck, unattainable pokemon = ?

Most unattainable pokemon such as Arceus and Darkrai are banned from standard competitive play anyway..." - MDidget

I'm not talking Arceus and Darkrai (although some kids have those), I don't think we allow kids to use those two. I know Arceus is banned because you can only obtain it via glitch or cheating. I'm talking Deoxy, Jirachi, Celebi and Mew which we allow, but can't be caught in traditional methods.

Oh I didn't think you guys would allow Deoxys and Mew, never mind then.

Arceus isn't banned if you obtain it legitimately. =)

Okay players, check your profile pages for XP, Ratings and Levels.

Oh, and because he has retired from AADL-GT into the adult category and therefore doesn't appear on the leaderboard anymore, here's a link to the player with the highest level. Others can be found on the Leaderboard page, which is due for a renovation to add all this cool new data.

/*== ejk ==*/

sweet, im lvl 30

eli can i show upo late to ddr

Great work. I don't think Duck will be top for long my brother is like a few hundred points away, but he isnt going to be there saturday. Im level 39 thats pretty sweet.
Is there a way to sort by level to see who is #2 and #3 etc.? How do you find the levels?

lvl 21 yeahh i even get xp points for a no show lol

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The rankings look great; thanks, Eli, Eric, et al, for working on those. And congratulations, Duck :D

Pwnerer has had my Kart disc since, I think, November, so he might perform better this year. If he doesn't, I'll want it back, but I do think he'll end up in first place come the end of all things.

Finally, I have a self-interested question, Eli: Are players who have "aged out" of the GT to be allowed to compete in the Preseason, not for prizes, but for the gratification of malicious tendencies and outright sadism that must result from knocking other players down in the rankings?

Yes, pickwick, players who aged out this past season are welcome at the preseason event, but they won't advance to the prize round.

Eric is working on a new leaderboard that will allow you to sort by overall level as well as game-specific rankings. Stay tuned for that!

I'm currently thinking each 4-player melee pool will play 2 FFA and then head-to-head round robin. Kart pools will be for 4 races.

Limabean, it's usually OK to show up late to DDR. So long as you make it before we start the second pass through the list, usually at least an hour and a half after the published start time.

"I'm currently thinking each 4-player melee pool will play 2 FFA and then head-to-head round robin. Kart pools will be for 4 races."

I'll go with that

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yeah FFA + RR thing sounds good. good one eli.

guess i'll be coming by to actually win this ddr tournament (and not be a moron and choose a song i have no idea how to play)

uhhh damn. i see that i'm busy from 2 - 3.

is there anyway i can come and do my qualification things, then come back by 3 and finish brackets or whatever? i have a program thing i have to do at 2pm. and they say it takes an hour but i can probably rush through it.

Rules look good. I would prefer less 1 v 1.
For the scoring i think it should be tweaked a little because getting points in melee is much easier than kart. If you check peoples ratings just about everyone has a higher melee rating.
I think the FFA is good enough and you really can't make that fair.
For 1 v 1 when you get play and win you get points for a first. If you compare that to the MarioKart scoring system you get points as if you beat 7 people even though you beat 1. So in reality you got anywhere from a 1st to a 7th. I think they should get points as if they won which is 100. i really dont think you can try to get around that and trying to score it by rounds would be hard. I think the loser in a 1 v 1 should get 30. Right now they get 60 which is equal to a third in mariokart. I think getting a third in mariokart is much more challenging than losing a 1 v 1. I think they should get 30 because that is a sixth in mariokart. When you lose a 1 v 1 that is like getting a 2nd to an 8th in mariokart. the middle of that is a 5th which is 40 points. I think that should be lowered to 30 because you have so many melee matches and melee scores are going to get insanely high as good mariokart players wont be able to compete score wise with good melee players and they will suffer in the seedings for the grands

how do I have so little bonus for kart?

It's 100 times harder to be good in smash then it is to be good in kart. You complain too much about smash to try and get more points, where as in kart, a game you're... uhh... ok in... you have no problem with it.

Quit sucking in smash so bad. Seriously, I'm telling you to stop. At least try to be mediocre, then you'll see things differently.

where and what date are the tournaments going to be held on the game super smash brothers melee

lol the deder turni lost all power be4 it started

Lain, your lack of maturity and ego still to this day never cease to amaze me. And yet, it still grows tiring.

Sorry, but this tournament series is never going to turn into the regulation Smash competition you want it to. Ever. It's not going to happen. Just because you don't want to drive as far from home to get to a competition that "means something" in the world of Smash doesn't mean you have to be a jerk about it.
"OK, next year we're going to change the tournament name from AADL-GT to AADL-GR... "Goat Rodeo!!!" - Eli
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whats up guys, i havent been on here for a while. how is everyone's summer been?
so theres a preseason on saturday? that sounds good are there any major rule changes from before? I guess i'll find out forsure on saturday. and do we need a clan by then or no, because i would remember people would arrange their clans at the preseason specifically.

bow chicka bow wow

i have maturity. ego? sure, i'll agree with you. good job on attempting to be sharp and witty in your insult. but i personally don't care about what you think of me.

this is a tournament-type thing for kids and teens. we play nintendo games for fun and prizes. it's ok to get an ego. it's ok to talk smack. get over yourself, because it's not like your opinion in people or things matters as much as you want it to.

the point i try to get across is that people who are bad at smash try to ask for FFA's to try and get around the good people or any sort of actual involvement in smash at a personal level. I understand the tournament is supposed to be less of a tournament setting and more of a friendly one, but there is still a level of play where being good and improving should matter. a level where you can't whine about certain things.

yeah i have no idea what is going on with preseason. all i know is that i am not going, and neither will cisco maybe.

I will put this in real simple terms. If i "Suck so Bad" at smash and am "ok" in Mariokart how come my rating in smash is higher. because it is easier to get points in smash.
Find me some people with higher kart ratings than smash ratings

ive been practicing hard ever since the tourni earlier this summer so i hope im ready for this one and can at least make the quarter finals.

i honestly don't care what your little "ratings" are. they're not completely accurate.

you suck at smash. plain and simple. i'm not being cocky, i'm not using an ego here. i'm telling you, you're not good at the game.

is it true the road to the library on saturday will be closed due to the artfair

"STD at my house on friday!!!!"

"why would i want your std?"

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yea but u can go up william and just get dropped off there

and where is william

"STD at my house on friday!!!!"

"why would i want your std?"

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the street that goes past the right or south side of the library

just use mapquest

ELI do you get any bonuses for 4th place finishes???

if so i should have alot mor then i do bonus wise...

also i dont know if d-rex said anything but he should have alot more also ill have to look more carefully at my scores and his.

ill se you all at the turni on saturday!!!!!

See you there john. If TC comes together than we should have some friendly practice sessions with you guys. Considering our neighborhood has the 4 highest leveled players(not counting duck). Also don't mike swain and Mike Song live near you guys?

eli i redid my score and i got when i calculated it 13141 not 13078 of total xp bonuses maby i messed up nut i dont think i did ill redo it just to make sure.

also i got 4th over all in da grands does thay not give any extra xp bonuses?

if it does i did get 4th in the 1st season also and 4th's 3rd' 2nd's and 1st's in normal events.

just wondering if i get any thing extra.

if you dont have time to do all that i am asking dont worry about it it is ok ill win them durring the next season, but if you do have time then please look into this.

see you all at the turni!!!!!

johninabox out.

yea i redid it again i got the same thing 13141xp not 13078xp

that will be enough to put me 1 level higher

there are no scores from team kart from last preseason past the qualifying ...
dang and i won that... any way I can get points for that? please i still have the gift card if you need proof

D-rex i think everyone i short on points. It might be because season 2 winning an event was worth less than season 3. Also team scores might or might not be divided into 2. If team scores arent divided and season 2 wins are worth as much as season 3 im short about 1,500.

does it really matter?

and through all the tiny squabbling over 1a level's worth of points, or 10 xp missing, limabean chimes in, with his infinite wisdom.

thank you, limabean.

anytime, where were u at the ddr turni

The ratings are accurate for the matches that are in the system, but they are not complete. You'll notice some of the recent smash-only tournaments are not in there, so they don't reflect recent events. We can fix the missing bonuses, but the events that were not in the system are not in the system. We should be able to recover Season 1 eventually, though, which we have in a different database, but that's not a high priority at the moment.

The good news is that we're planning on all events being in the system this season, which means that your prowess in other games will affect your overall level too... and I think Lain's DDR rating is going to be pretty fierce... and limabean's too.

Of course none of this matters. That's why they call it fun.

Eric's got a nice implementation of our pool system ready for tomorrow. Still no double-elimination yet, but pools should make for a very smooth tourney.

Smash will be 3-stock, 3-minutes, Items Med, with our standard bans. HOWEVER, ties in place will be broken by kills, then by score. No more second-place pacts guys. =) Everyone should get 2 pools, which means 4 FFA and 6 1v1 matches per player in qualification. (And maybe even as many as 8 4-player kart races each!)

Our pool generator will use your Smash Rating (or your Kart rating for Kart events) to spread out the top players. Basically, each pool should have no more than 1 player from the top 25% of the available players.

See you guys in the morning, this should be cool. Oh, and Sravan, there's no Clan play at the preseason. It's your chance to recruit and fill out your Clan rosters before the Clan Season starts at Round 1 in August.

Also, it's only a little trickier to get to the library during art fair. Liberty is closed, and Main is closed between William and Huron, but you can get to william from division or fifth and get dropped off right along the south side of the building. The buses are all running normally too.... the only real catch would be parking. =)

riley do you already have a partner for smash?

also im taking the bus from the mall to s main street and walking to the library from there, so if im late dont start without me cause that just means im lost lol

"STD at my house on friday!!!!"

"why would i want your std?"

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OK sounds good..... except please no 4 player mariokart. It isn't as fun as 8 player. Or if you want 4 player pools can you do 8 player elimniation?

I actually go to these for fun.

I hope that's not a disappointment.

Well, I'm surely not disappointed.

BD, that's what I was thinking for Kart; 4 player pools, 8 player elims. 4-player quals means everyone gets to play more. We'd do 8 players on 2 stations, but as we saw at the Kart tourney a few months ago, 4 player per station LAN is really laggy and items sometimes don't work, so that's not really an option.

Sounds good Eli.

I come for fun too as long as there are some prizes:).

i might be coming with sheepy.

: )

sry sword my keyboard wasnt working yesterday but i should need a partner







Yeah John I still need to tell my brother.
Good tourtament Eli. MarioKart is getting frustrating all the blue shells at the end its so hard to win unless you risk being in last the whole race. MarioKart is still fun. I was suprised by the low turnout it was nice though. Melee i think the pool system works well maybe only 1 FFA in the interest of time.

eli- 2 things 1. great job on the tourney the pools were an awesome idea and 2. i think you made a mistake on my player rating, because i have 4595 in MKDD bonuses :P. [gtlogo:BNC]

yeah it was fun, now i need to find a clan.

Also, how do become qualified for championships?

Savage bros

what you say?

eli, now that we dont have to worry about the preseason do you think you might be able to up me level?

i redid my score again for the third time and i got 13141 again not 13078 on the xp

that will be enough to put me 1 level higher.

im just worried because the brackets go by level and it will hurt me more if im 1 level below of what i should be.

and the bonuses are still wrong but that will be harder to fix.
if you have time please take some time to look at my scores

thank you.

i need to get into a good clan. any open spots?

i think me too, but blue monkey would you rather start a clan with me?

"STD at my house on friday!!!!"

"why would i want your std?"

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-Durskis and Hibbs

Your offer is very intriguing for Bad Driver and I. We are prepared to take you up on your offer, but there are just a couple of conditions that we want. Nothing major, but just clarifications of things that I think that we both expect already.

But for right now, you can plan on the Savage Brothers joining forces with the Durski Brothers and Hibbs Brothers to harness the full power of Maplewood in an excellent clan.


so y6u won't be joining us, TP2?

hey swordsmaster could i start a clan with you too. I am pretty good at super smash bros and am practicing to get better at mario kart.

have we met in any of the tournies? and what name do you go by so i can find u in the leaderboard

im not sure yet if i wanna make a clan right now or just join some other clan that still needs one more player or something

also will there still be girl in the clan bonuses?

"STD at my house on friday!!!!"

"why would i want your std?"

Holder of the 9000th post!!!

i bet you swordmaster's gonna bring blow-up dolls and hire a ventriliquist

im not sure, im just looking for a clan. Were u at the pre-season event cause i was there and u sound familiar? Also, my name is masteraj and im not very high in the leader board cause i haven't really done anything at the library until the preseason event. I did well in smash there though winning all but 1 1v1 and getting 2nd in 3 ffa's. However i got eliminated in the elimination ffa. If you dont want to its fine, im sure i can find another clan that needs another player.