Robots of every size and shape

For some reason lately I've been on a bit of a "Robot Kick". Maybe its all the run up and hype for the release of the Transformers Movie or maybe I'm just geeked about the Library Lego League. (I can't wait to see how the new program works out ;0)

I remember reading a quote from Joseph Engelberger (early robotic pioneer ) about what makes a robot a robot he is quoted to have said.

"I can't define a robot, but I know one when I see one."

I recently read 24 Seven which is a graphic novel anthology of robot stories. Each story is self contained within a robotic society. Each story has its own theme and artist/writer Some stories work some don't but the the ones that do work make the book worth a read. So many interpretations of a robot.

Have you ever taken time to consider all the different robots / cyborgs there are in fiction?
Take graphic novels for example. Think about Alita in Battle Angel Alita and Brearios in Appleseed both are basically the same archetype but look so radically different. Alita has look of innocence and humanity while Brearios is so obviously built to intimidate.

Here are some other robots in Science fiction see if you can figure out where they come from.

R2-D2 | C3PO    | Robbie The robot | Number 5 
Gir   | K9      | Andrew           | Bishop
Huey  | Dewey   | Louie            | Robot B9
Crow  | Gort    | Fem-Bot          | Jinx
Ash   | B.O.B   | V.I.N.C.E.N.T    | David
Twiki | Data    | Maximillian      | Hermes
Daryl | Box     | Joe Pineapples   | T-800
Hel   | Tik-Tok | The Gunslinger   |ED-209


Lets see


are from the Disney film Black hole.


Don't forget Hal 9000!