New Fiction on the New York Times Best Sellers List (6/24/07)

Ian McEwan has been one of my favorite authors from the start. His earliest novels were short and weird, with unsettling characters caught up in strange relationships and violence just lurking around the corner. McEwan was definitely an acquired taste but the brilliance of his prose won him early kudos and many fans. Through the years his work matured and he has written in the last few years what I consider some of the greatest fiction of his generation, culminating in the sublime Atonement. In On Chesil Beach, the time is the early Sixties and his naive honeymooners find confusion and unhappiness there instead of bliss.

The other new entries are The Harlequin by Hamilton, The Navigator by Cussler, The Last Summer (of You and Me) by Brashares, The Bourne Betrayal by Van Lustbader, The Sleeping Doll by Deaver, and Spare Change by Parker. What more proof do you need to know it is summer!

You can look at the entire List here.