New Stories to Go Bags!

Pittsfield now offers Stories to Go bags! Also carried at the Downtown Library and at the Mallets Creek Branch, these canvas bag kits contain an activity folder, a CD or a DVD, and a few books centered on various subjects. We have six new themes this year! These include: Bedtime, Food & Eating, Going to School, New Baby, Potty Time, and Teeth.

The Teeth Stories to Go bag, funded by the American Dental Association, includes such fabulous activities as singing Brush Your Teeth to the tune of Jingle Bells and Sparkle, Sparkle to the tune of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. It also provides directions to an experiment, using an egg, illustrating how acid weakens your teeth. Kids become acquainted with visiting a dentist’s office through a DVD from their perspective. Plus, great characters like the Berenstain Bears take the fear out of a visit to the dentist and educate kids about their teeth! Dr. Karen Stewart developed the teeth kit. She is completing an oral health literacy project with the American Dental Association Institute for Leadership and Diversity.


This is a great idea. If the library is looking for additional topics, I would suggest moving and becoming a big sister/brother.

Thanks! You may be interested to know that the New Baby bag, which will be ready sometime in July, is about becoming a big sister/brother.