Welcome to Library Lego League!

AADL Library Lego League

Do you like Lego? How about Robotics and Programming? Do you have a competitive spirit? If so, we've got something just for you. AADL is proud to present Library Lego League!

Form a team of up to 4 members entering grades 4-8, and register to compete in one of three competitions. Each competition will give your team use of Lego Mindstorms NXT set, a computer, pizza for lunch, and 6 hours to design, build, and program a robot to outperform your opponents at a specified challenge! The best three teams at each competition will receive giftcard prizes for each member.

If you're a Lego fanatic, come and show us what you can do; but if you've never used Mindstorms before, this is a great way to learn! Teams of all skill levels welcome, but remember, it will take some smarts, some experience, and some luck to defeat the competition.


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