He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

When you are a French Film luvr, as I am, you are usually an Audrey Tautou luvr as well. Audrey is a wonderful actress that posts high in my "A2-C2" actress list. This "A2-C2" categorization means Audrey embodies the characteristics of being attractive, adorable, charming, and classic. In the movie, He Loves Me, He loves me not Tatou plays a character, Angelique, that is reminiscent of Glenn Close's character, Alex, in Fatal Attration. Instead of one climactic rabbit boiling scene in this film, the climax unfolds slowly as a series of seemingly innocent events. What REALLY is, is not what you were lead to think it was. Yes, it is all very sneaky, sneaky...but, we are misled so well. Misled so cleverly actually, that I had to go back into the film to verify that I saw what I actually thought I saw. Let's just say the love affair in this film between the two main characters is not based in reality, but pure fantasy. Feel the chill when you notice the pharmaceutical collage in the shape of Angelique's love interest in the final scene! The official FFG rating of this movie is a 9.