Sancho's Scene Goes Online!


I’ve been trolling the Internet lately, doing research for a new AADL computer class (Ideas? Suggestions? Do share!), and there’s so much going on out there that’s cool, innovative, and fun, it’s enough to make me want to explode! Here’s the scoop on two projects that take advantage of web 2.0 technology.

Take, for instance, Podington Bear. Besides being perhaps the cutest name for a podcast, ever, Podington “makes songs with love and care, giving one to the world every Monday, Wednesday and Friday in 2007.” That’s 156 songs in a single year! Podington, not to be confused with Padington, also happens to sport an adorable bear logo that I couldn’t help ordering in t-shirt form.

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Then there’s Brotherhood 2.0. Brothers John and Hank Green (John is a [|Printz Award]-winning author) have decided to communicate exclusively through vlogs for an entire year, and “they don’t mind if you watch them do it.” The two are adorably geeky (“One of the things we’re trying to do here is to make our siblinghood transparent and public to the extent that it’s practical.”) and very funny. Check it out!