I Read It in the New York Times


And that makes it official. Zingerman's, according to the front page of the May 3rd NYT business section, is one of the best run and most fun companies in the world. Did you know AADL library card holders can read the entire New York Times full-text back to 1851 through the AADL research page? The coolest part is the full-page images of historical editions with banner headlines, advertising and pictures.


Debbie, you beat me to it! As a deli staffer (albeit, an infrequent one), I am super-excited!

And yes, NYT historical is really cool--my favorite thing is that you can view (and print!) the front page from the day you were born. ...perhaps a good way to wrap a birthday present...


LOL, I was expecting to read something like "Did you know AADL library card holders can get a free sandwich at Zingerman's?", which is, of course, too good to be true. Well, reading the NYT online is good, too!

FYI, the director where I work has coined the term "the Z factor" to mean that talks or events at our research unit that are catered by Zingerman's seem to have larger attendance than those catered by other organizations. :)

Cool. Zingerman's is awesome.