Steve Jobs, genius Apple CEO who changed the world, has died

Steve Jobs, brilliant visionary, co-founder (with Steve Wozniak), and CEO of Apple Computers, died yesterday after a seven-year battle with a rare form of pancreatic cancer.

His revolutionary products changed how we compute, listen to music, watch movies, and communicate.

He was the first to bring computers into our homes. His influence can be seen everywhere -- the mouse? Steve Jobs. Beautiful, elegant, easy-to-use technology? Steve Jobs. The signature layout of the Apple stores? Steve Jobs. iPhones? Apps? iPods? iPads? Jobs. Jobs. Jobs.The wild success of Pixar Studios? That was Steve Jobs as well, after he bought the nascent operation from George Lucas and blew the lid off computer-generated animation.

Last night the tributes and analysis of his remarkable career and wide-reaching impact on our everyday lives began within minutes of the announcement of his death, and will continue for several days.No doubt, many of these reports are being produced on and spread by Apple products.

Apple will go on. Steve Jobs, whose gift of seeing far into the future, surely planned for this inevitable day. It is inconceivable that he would have let his passion for creative, fun, esthetically gorgeous technology, die with him. But for this moment, we'll pause and wish that somehow, magically, there was an app to delay his passing for just a little while longer.

No doubt, #iSad will be trending on Twitter today.

Steve Jobs, who died one day after the long-awaited announcement of the latest version of the iPhone, was just 56.