Next Week In Booklists

Important Dates for the Week of October 2 to October 8

Sunday October 2 Phileas Fogg's Wager Day

Monday October 3 German Unity Day

Tuesday October 4 World Space Week begins on October 4 and runs through October 10. This year the celebration commemorates 50 Years of Human Spaceflight.

Wednesday October 5 Balloons Around the World Day. Make someone smile with balloon art.

Thursday October 6 Wear your best hat for Mad Hatter Day

Friday October 7 National Denim Day

Saturday October 8 National Pierogy Day

Always remember that every day is a celebration!


These weekly booklists are fun and informative. Well done and thank you. I look forward to future lists.

Thanks for the kind words :)

i love finding out all the cool days!!! i can't wait for national gummy worm day (or did that already pass? :)