Take Part in Art - Art Squared in A2

Filling a dozen squares with colors and circles, Wasilly Kandinsky, created a rich and whimsical painting entitled Squares with Concentric Circles in 1913. Piet Mondrian was inspired to work with squares and rectangles filled with bright primary colors in his abstract paintings in the 1920’s.

You can make your own squares, filled with color and design, at the Downtown Youth Department Art Table, or create patterns with our colorful magnetic squares.

Imagine an A2 scavenger hunt for squares in art and architecture, from the paper work wall sculpture, entitled Winter Solstice by Sabra Richards, in the stairwell of the Downtown Library, to the Cook Law Quad, or Tony Rosenthal’s cube, Endover, near the Student Union. Of course a visit to the University Of Michigan Museum of Art will inspire you to search for various shapes within sculpture, painting and more.

SquaresSquaresSo many squares, so little time!


I've done that type of painting!