Birds of North America Online ~ New Ways to Birdwatch @ AADL

A project of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Birds of North America Online includes contributions from researchers, citizen scientists, reviewers and editors and image and video galleries showing plumages, behaviors, habitat, nests and eggs, and more. BNA now features recordings of the songs and calls of their species from the extensive collection of Cornell's Macaulay Library of Natural Sounds.

You can access BNA Online 24-hours a day from home through our Database Page. I like putting in keyword terms like "black billed" or "blue throated" and seeing the results. Amazing what great background music bird calls provide to a day indoors.



This is a great resource, but quite expensive for individual access. Yet again, the AADL outdoes itself in providing amazing resources to the community!

Great resource, thank you! My kids are really interested in birds and this will be really neat to check out with them.

BNA online woudl have been a great resource last year when my daughter was doing a project on bluebirds for school. Good to know about!

This is so amazing!

This is great. We love to figure out birds calls.



I can't wait to tell all my bird-loving friends!

Anyone who does not go to the website is officially not on my list of people I want to make friends with.