Sleeping Bear Dunes Voted Most Beautiful Place in America (Oh, No!)

Our secret is out: the rest of America has discovered what Michiganders have known forever, that Sleeping Bear Dunes is the most beautiful place in America. Good Morning America viewers voted and the Bear beat them all. So you'd better book that cottage for next summer now or you'll be asking Mario Batali if you can bunk with him at his summer place. Of course half of NYC will be asking him for a room now.

The best place to start your SB travels? The Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore Park headquarters in Empire. Trails, rivers, lakeshores, historical sites, heritage farms, lighthouses. You name it, it's in the National Park. The Sleeping Bear Dunes Visitors Bureau site will lead to lodging, dining and entertainment throughout the region. We've been biking the area for 40+ years and you can't beat the Betsie Valley Trail along Crystal Lake or the M-22 ride from Frankfort to Empire with terrific beaches at both ends.


I've heard so much people talk about sleeping bear dunes. I guess they weren't joking when they said it was beautiful.

We have family there and love the vacations there. Going up to Interlochen this weekend and will see a great concert too! (Pioneer/Skyline Choir/Orchestra/Band) I think it has been such a secret because it doesn't have some mega-corp shouting at the masses about some plastic park. This is just beautiful and pleasant awe inspiring activities! I have my rope sandals on and can't get there soon enough.

Oh my god! I guess I'll convince my family to go!

Sleeping Bear dunes is a very peaceful place indeed. Don't let it get past your mind. America made the right choice.

Not quite sure how it can be the most beautiful place in America. We've been there once, not really that good.

Sweet. I'll probably go there soon then.


It's soo pretty there!

AWESOME! I want to go!

i've been there before. it's so tiring! i meant climbing the dunes. they're high. and there's many of them

Yea Michigan; thinking of everyone flocking to see the SBD I have a mixed reaction - tourism brings crowds and erosion of our natural wonder but also boosts our economy...

I was there just last week with two of my children - right before this announcement. We could only stay part of a day, but we definitely want to go back for a longer visit! (I've been before, but this was their first trip.)

Bad for those of us who already knew about it, but good for the Michigan economy.

Such a beautiful place - and Michigan needs a few accolades these days!

I guess I can start planning now for next summer vacation