Summer Game 2011: ONE WEEK REMAINING! Make the most of it with NEW BADGES and NEW BUTTONS!

This is ALMOST IT, players! Only 7 days remain in AADL's Summer Game 2011! We've now crossed 5000 players and a truly staggering 37 MILLION points earned! With only one week to go, that doesn't mean that you're not hungry for one last crop of NEW BADGES, does it? We hope not, because here you go:

Take a look at the Badge Page for some clues on how to start hunting these badges down. If you need help getting started on the Smart Cookie badges, finding the only AADL local history product about food will really get you cooking with gas.

In addition, we've got another load of 5 Classic Summer Reading Game Buttons for the Summer Game Shop, and while the GIGA CHOCOLATE VICTORY PACKAGE is unfortunately SOLD OUT for this year, we will have another big load of the super-popular AMAZING_AADL_MAGIC_BAG restocking in the shop next Friday! And what will happen next friday, as scoring AS YOU KNOW IT comes to a sudden end? What will we all do with ourselves? There's only one way to find out, and that's wait until next Friday! You can stare at that clock if you'd like, but maybe you'd prefer to FIND THOSE NEW BADGES instead! Also, remember that the Summer Game Shop will stay open for orders until Sunday 9/18, so you'll have time to spend your points! Any unspent points will still be in your account when next Summer rolls around, so you won't lose them, or your hard-earned badges!

While you're waiting, check your badge page and make sure you've got that ALL-IMPORTANT Summer Reader Badge, as that's what qualifies you for the Summer Game GRAND PRIZE Drawing where you could win an iPad2, an iPod touch, or a Nintendo 3DS! You've only got until next friday to earn that badge, so make sure to complete your Classic Summer Reading Game and take it to an AADL desk to get your badge!

AADL's Biggest Summer Yet is almost over... and then what? Stay tuned to to find out!


Awesome! The new badges and buttons look sweet!!

Will there possibly be the staff silver water bottles for individual sale?

OMG! I am so excited!

Whoo! More badges to hunt codes for. ::rubs hands together::

Awesome! I have some weird thing of being online when a badge is announced and when the post goes up. Thing is, I didn't notice these.

I think there is a typo on the Take Flight button. It says:
The #21 AAPL Take Flight... Read! button is available to serious collectors of buttons, or Herons, while supplies last, for 15,200 Summer Game points. No Cranes please.
The button costs 101, 010 points.

Where are the Smart Cookie codes? I found the recipes but I can't see any codes around.

Me too! I can find the recipes, but no codes!

Yeah! Ditto jaseagraves and shreeman1999.
::Edit:: Found them! Thanks for fixing!

I'm really sad that this is going to end next week. I hope they can come up with something like this even on school days.

Am I the only one who got tripped up by a red herring on Lee Iacocca?

I also have that problem, I found the recipes and stuff but not the codes.
EDIT: They weren't there, thanks for fixing.

Great! Love this!

I found the recipes and they had a code...

Awesome. I have them all!

Any chance that the penultimate prize will be restocked?

I second that!

Can't wait to try the new badge challenges!

Now they're there! Thanks!

Just a warning, folks: that MAGIC BAG is really a MUGGLE bag. Or maybe a squib... but it's still got an awesome water bottle and special carabiner!

Can't wait to earn the new badges.

Got my first batch of premiums today. Pretty good quality on everything. Wish I had started way earlier so I could work on getting the rare buttons. Now it's way too late.

Next summer?

Also, if I were to get a rfid library card and wanted to have it reprogrammed to a different library card number later, would that be possible?


I would love to see some prizes restocked as well!

I love the new badges! Will the penultimate package be restocked?

Never mind, I found the Smart Cookie codes!

I'm so sad that it is almost over:-(

I'm having some trouble with smart cookie #5.

I got all of these already. How can I get more points? Help!!!!

Smiles, if you need help with Smart Cookie #5, here it is. What does the image on the badge show you? Oh, and one more hint; it's Mrs. Polhemus' recipe. Good luck to all of you!

Any hints on the Art badge? I found the first code but I don't know how that leads me to the next one. I thought I found the perfect print from the first clue but it had no code.

Never mind. I figured it out. The next clue is in the description of the first code on the "My Players" page.

smv, I'd suggest doing reviews or tagging for more points.

thanks ompopp! -smv

Love the scavenger hunt for new codes. :)

Im having trouble with the Smart Cookie #4 and the Art one, any help?

LuckyDuck, for the Smart Cookie #4, think "Jell-O" or "Jello".

The Smart Cookie and the Ghost Writer badges are really hard

great badges! just so everyone knows, the buttons are not really buttons, like the kind on clothing. they're pins. i wish summer game points earning is extended to end of month, i'm not allowed to go to libraries and get codes on weekdays, just weekends

LOVE some of the

I'm really sad to see the summer game end. But these new badges are really fun to find!

Is there going to be a button that's even more expensive than the Take Flight button?

so little time 0:

This year's summer game was really fun! I'm sad it's going to be over so soon.

It's cool AADL can make a button sound so interesting. I got all the new badges! They were defienetly the hardest and the most fun to get!

almost over!

this summer game thing is so cool

Whoa, that's a lot of replies!

Awesome badges!

It's so sad that it's almost over...
it's so fun!!!

So sad the games almost over

This has been so much fun! I hope they can do the same next year! Great job!

Thanks smv, that really helped!

The "So Long and Thanks for All the Badges" Badge is really difficult!!!

Cheers to a great game - you all put a ton of work into this!

It's been fun to learn new things about the site and help "build" the site with our reader input. I bet some of the staff had fun making up some of the badges too!

Wish I had more time to earn badges

This game is truly addicting...and FUN. And more badges?! YES.

Where is the #4 button? In the classic button collection, the seven buttons are numbered #1 through #8, with no #4. The buttons are from 1997 to 2004, and 2000 is missing (it would be #4). I figured the #4 2000 button would show up in the rare buttons, but it hasn't so far. Does it exist?

Great new badges!

Will the Penultimate Set be restocked?

OMG! I got all of those badges! But, I am soooo excited for all those people who are still searching!

Great badges!

Yeah, will the penultimate set be restocked, like on friday?

These look so cool! I'm excited!

I have loved, loved, loved this game! Thanks for the fun summer.

Kudos to the entire AADL staff for a terrific summer game! Everyone was so helpful and pleasant at the branches when we were visiting and looking for codes. And the online game had so many different components that it kept things interesting. There were plenty of ways to earn points whether you read, watched or listened to items, did the online scavenger hunts, attended events, visited locations or added to the wealth of information on the website by reviewing, rating, tagging and commenting. I hope that, even though scoriong AS WE KNOW IT ends today, there will be some way to keep participating over the fall, winter and spring until the next fabulous summer game. Thanks for a very fun, enriching and rewarding (literally!) summer!


I hope they have a Winter Reading Game planned.

I wonder who won the drawing...

when exactly is the drawing?

When will the MAGICBAG be restocked? it's the 26th! I keep checking.

I know! This is the right Friday, right? I really want one!

thanks for the hint

Thanks everyone. The summer game has ended.

But now Summer Game 2012 is HERE!

Yay! New summer reading game!

I love the new summer game, it's so much easier to use. :)

It is much easier :)

I hated searching through my player page, checking which badge I finished and which badge I didn't. Now it's googolplex times easier.

The website has been updated. It makes life so much better (not that I depend on this or anything).

The hints are really, really helpful, also. :)

Without them I would be missing so many badges...

Me too..

And so many points. Just thinking about that makes me shiver.

Haha. And who's obsessed now?

Especially because this is KRC week.

Which is also Crazy Week.

Things have been really crazy because of KRC...

Like the leaderboard.