Attention Peaks Freaks

Have you been itching to watch the pilot episode of Twin Peaks? Thanks to some added copies in the AADL collection, you now can. It happens to come from a metallic gold case of magic and wonder. It’s the most beautiful box set to have graced my hands since I purchased the original Twin Peaks box set on VHS, which I still own.

If you’ve been meaning to watch the show for the first time, or fall in love with Agent Cooper all over again, we’ve got you covered. Also added to the collection, is Season 2, Disc 7, which is a disc with bonus features(!) including: Deleted scenes, a slice of lynch, Peaks SNL skits, "Secrets from another place" feature-length documentary, interviews with cast and crew, and much more. It. Is. Purely. Magical. If you're ready to get your David Lynch on.


It would be great if the library had the soundtrack available as well.

I have the VHS boxed set, too. The packaging is loose and flimsy and I don't have a VCR, but I'll never part with those legendary tapes.

I'm definitely checking this out. I was a Twin Peaks freak as a youth. I wonder how the show would seem to me on re-watching.

mstevenson, if you'd like to suggest the library purchase the Twin Peaks Soundtrack, suggest the title on our Contact Us page

hooray! i've added myself to the waitlist. bring on the log lady! :D


Nice. I borrowed the DVD of Twin Peaks a while back and was beyond disappointed that it did not begin with the pilot.

I've never seen twin peaks but it seems i should check it out

I re-watched this series just over a year I'll have to start again! Such an interesting story and fascinating characters-but the hair! Wow. The hair.

Wow! I had the eerie theme music spring into my head as soon as I saw the posting title. The cult like anticipation we had waiting for the next episode. I remember similar intensity for "Tales of the City", and "Miami Vice". We had to tape the episode if we had a conflict. With "Tales of the City" we had to find the PBS station that did not censor the broadcast. Great memories. Have a piece of Pie and enjoy!

For the Peaks enthusiasts there was a good homage to the show in one episode of Psych.

amelcher, That episode of Psych was fantastic!

The library has almost everything.

For some reason, the pilot is one of the few episodes I ever actually saw...


I did not buy the VHS tapes, but I did tape every episode off TV when it aired. (With the commercials obsessively edited out using the pause button. I now regret not having those 90s commercials as well) I managed to get the entire series -- EXCEPT the first episode. So now my life can be complete.