2 Weeks to go: SUPER HUGE SUMMER GAME SHOP NEWS! and even more NEW BADGES!

With just 2 weeks to go in the 2011 Summer Game, we've got another BONANZA of new stuff for all you dedicated players! First the score report; total score has now passed the 30 MILLION point mark with 4800 players completing an ASTONISHING 490,000 actions! And now, the news you've all been waiting for: THE GIGA CHOCOLATE VICTORY PACKAGE has been RESTOCKED! There are 20 more AADL Chocolate Logos now available in the Summer Game Shop, and in addition to that, we've got 6 NEW ITEMS this week! But first, our second-to-last crop of code seeking badges, then keep on reading to find out about this week's EXCITING Shop News!

Find these on the Badge Page to start your search, and you might find this AADL Local History Product helpful for some of them! We've got some tough ones and some easy ones this week; it shouldn't take you long to figure out which is which... Also, for those of you waiting for more AMAZING AADL MAGIC BAGS, we will have another load of 100 to post in the shop next week! But if you can't wait for that, you might consider our new, second most awesome deluxe prize package.... the PENULTIMATE SUMMER GAME SILVER SET!!!

Starting with our SUPER HOT Magic Bag, and including amazing greats such as the CHOCOLATE LOGO and the Classic Summer Game Button Collector Starter Set, plus several bonus goodies, this almost-supremely-incredible set also includes a SUPER RARE AADL Staff Water Bottle, previously only available to AADL Employees! And buying the PENULTIMATE SUMMER GAME SILVER SET is the only way to get one! NOTE: If you've already won the game by earning the SOLD OUT SUPREME SUMMER GAME MASTER SET, please give other players a chance to get this set before snapping it up, no matter how amazing it is!

BUT THAT'S NOT ALL! Hot on the Heels of the hotly demanded Classic Summer Reading Game Button Collector Starter Set come 5 new Classic Summer Reading buttons from the AADL schwag archives, some of which are EXTREMELY RARE! Rare as in, we've only got 6 of them available! Now, because there are so few of them, these collector buttons aren't cheap, but they also each come with a code for a Badge to match each one, and some of these badges will certainly be the very RAREST of our now over 100 Summer Game Badges! You can find the new buttons in the shop, or don't miss the shortcut to the Classic Button Shop at the top of the Shop page.

Remember, scoring AS YOU KNOW IT will end at midnight on Friday, August 26, two weeks from today, and then what? You'll just have to wait and see, but also remember that the Summer Game Shop will stay open for orders through September 18th so you can spend your points! Also, make sure you've earned the Summer Reader Badge by completing the Classic Paper Game and taking it to any AADL desk for a small prize... you'll find out why on Monday!

As always, let us know what you think, if you're stuck, or if you're having fun all summer at your library.... and THANKS FOR PLAYING!


How many of the silver set were there and will there be a restock?

Thanks everyone. The summer game has ended.

i think you are right.


Spelling Nazi: you spelled "agreed" wrong. It doesn't have 2 A's.

Agreed. :D

maybe the person wasn't paying attention


yes, probably

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I don't believe no one mentioned two pages...

Yays! Two pages!! :D

I need help on the 4th Police Badge. I saw the Guest Book and found the first police officer but I can't read the name of him he wrote his name in cursive! Please help!