2 Weeks to go: SUPER HUGE SUMMER GAME SHOP NEWS! and even more NEW BADGES!

With just 2 weeks to go in the 2011 Summer Game, we've got another BONANZA of new stuff for all you dedicated players! First the score report; total score has now passed the 30 MILLION point mark with 4800 players completing an ASTONISHING 490,000 actions! And now, the news you've all been waiting for: THE GIGA CHOCOLATE VICTORY PACKAGE has been RESTOCKED! There are 20 more AADL Chocolate Logos now available in the Summer Game Shop, and in addition to that, we've got 6 NEW ITEMS this week! But first, our second-to-last crop of code seeking badges, then keep on reading to find out about this week's EXCITING Shop News!

Find these on the Badge Page to start your search, and you might find this AADL Local History Product helpful for some of them! We've got some tough ones and some easy ones this week; it shouldn't take you long to figure out which is which... Also, for those of you waiting for more AMAZING AADL MAGIC BAGS, we will have another load of 100 to post in the shop next week! But if you can't wait for that, you might consider our new, second most awesome deluxe prize package.... the PENULTIMATE SUMMER GAME SILVER SET!!!

Starting with our SUPER HOT Magic Bag, and including amazing greats such as the CHOCOLATE LOGO and the Classic Summer Game Button Collector Starter Set, plus several bonus goodies, this almost-supremely-incredible set also includes a SUPER RARE AADL Staff Water Bottle, previously only available to AADL Employees! And buying the PENULTIMATE SUMMER GAME SILVER SET is the only way to get one! NOTE: If you've already won the game by earning the SOLD OUT SUPREME SUMMER GAME MASTER SET, please give other players a chance to get this set before snapping it up, no matter how amazing it is!

BUT THAT'S NOT ALL! Hot on the Heels of the hotly demanded Classic Summer Reading Game Button Collector Starter Set come 5 new Classic Summer Reading buttons from the AADL schwag archives, some of which are EXTREMELY RARE! Rare as in, we've only got 6 of them available! Now, because there are so few of them, these collector buttons aren't cheap, but they also each come with a code for a Badge to match each one, and some of these badges will certainly be the very RAREST of our now over 100 Summer Game Badges! You can find the new buttons in the shop, or don't miss the shortcut to the Classic Button Shop at the top of the Shop page.

Remember, scoring AS YOU KNOW IT will end at midnight on Friday, August 26, two weeks from today, and then what? You'll just have to wait and see, but also remember that the Summer Game Shop will stay open for orders through September 18th so you can spend your points! Also, make sure you've earned the Summer Reader Badge by completing the Classic Paper Game and taking it to any AADL desk for a small prize... you'll find out why on Monday!

As always, let us know what you think, if you're stuck, or if you're having fun all summer at your library.... and THANKS FOR PLAYING!


The Pentultimate Summer Game Silver Set seems like a fantastic deal. The chocolate, magic bag and badge set costs more than the set plus with the set you get a cool water bottle that I really want. I'm also really impressed someone used the word "Pentultimate" correctly.
I actually like what's in this set better than my master set but I understand why you don't want people getting both.

Glad you like it, Chris, and thanks for understanding! If there are still Silver Sets left after the 26th (and I think there probably will be) I think it would be fair for Master Set holders to get to buy one at that point. I just wanted to make sure the 2nd wave of high scorers had a chance to get one! Thanks for playing!


Some of those badges are really neat!

These badges were really fun to find!

Thanks Eli,
So you put up the blog post at 2 am and replied to it around 7:30 am. Does the library ever let you sleep?

I have to agree entirely with Chris82. So I'm encouraging my daughter to find all the codes that she hasn't over the past three weeks in hopes of getting one of these! ;-) Vicarious victory is still victory, right?


I think some of the new badges are really hard to find like the DVD remake one.

Wish it wasn't ending in 2wks, so much fun!

awesome, love figuring out the clues for the badges... the new prizes look great, too! :)

I love the Baconator badge. Scavenger hunts are fun.

This is really sweet!


Sounds awesome! The buttons are quite expensive, looking forward to trying to get some of them!

Heh, Chris82, busted! I just happened to have an event at the downtown library today (learn game programming with scratch!) so I had to get up much earlier than I normally would on a Saturday. But hey, I can sleep when school starts!

For trouble with the Remake Remaster badge, remember that the badge description gives a big hint; try searching remake in tags instead of keyword, that will make it a lot easier!


wah! i didn't get the super summer game prize, i was willing to live with it, but now there's a silver prize, chocolate, and the buttons, they torture me with the knowledge that there's no way I will be able to get all of them, no matter how long i spend rating, tagging, etc., because i don't have the points or patience to do all that. hope everything is available next summer, so i can try to get them.

Wow, I explode with excitement in 3...2...1......PWOOOOOSHWOWWA.

Arggh! I can't decide what to get, the buttons or the chocolate victory package! I really like the bear one button but it costs so much!


I love the badges!

Cool new badges!

My compliments to whomever writes the blurbs for the badges and the summer game prizes - funny stuff. I never thought I'd enjoy reading a description of a T-shirt or a water bottle quite so much!

I agree, the descriptions are actually quite entertaining!!

I love this game

My complements to this game - I find myself spending tons of time learning about Ann Arbor's history and what the library has to offer. It's fun visiting the different libraries and meeting people also working on various badges. Cheers, AADL!

I haven't had time to get the badges from last week, but I can't wait to get these!

cool! I love the new badges!

That Giga chocolate sounds so amazing. I just wish I had the points for it.

Can you make a badge that is super hard to find? I'd like a challenge.

How do you put up the answer for the badges? I know the answer to the longest serving police chief, but dont know how to earn the points....Please help!

AWESOME!!!!!! I will work 1234567890 times harder.

When you find a game code, just go to your player page (click my players over there in the left column) and click "I have a game code!"

When you find game codes in the catalog, you may notice that clicking on them now fills them in for you! Thanks ejk!


Also krishnansuresh - on the page with the information needed to answer the badge query (such as the longest serving police chief), the code will be at the bottom of the page. It will not necessarily be the last name of the police chief as it was for the founder badges. That may help.

When are the magic bags getting restocked?

Magic bags will be restocked by or on 8/26, so stay tuned guys!


can u give me a hint for the it's time to find the game codes badge? im stuck

I bet you're having trouble with the pianist comedian clue, huh smv? you should try googling pianist comedian, there were not very many like this guy. If you're looking for the tv show appearance, try searching for muppets and then using "Refine Your Search" on the right side of the screen to see what series are represented in your results. The primetime NBC hit should stick right out.


Interestingly..... fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You're right about that, Eli.

love all the buttons, especially the rare ones.

Is Sesame Street or Fraggle Rock an NBC primetime hit?

Nope, sesame street is on Public Television, and Fraggle Rock was first on HBO and CBC. Although Rock is on the right track, if you had 29 more of them...

Yay! More badges.

Will you possibly be putting out any of the Staff Water Bottles for individual sale?

I'm kind of stuck on the "If You Can Find Them" badge. Can you give me a hint for B. A.'s last name?

i've earned all but the PENULTIMATE SUMMER GAME SILVER SEt badge. the aa street sweepers, i looked at downtown streets yesterday, no codes! WHY!?

You probably didn't look all around the sign.

Are the silver water bottles going to be in the shop for individual sale?

Thanks eli!


The codes are on the front of the metal roof above the glass historical signs. They're on a smallish sticker so they blend in a little with the metal, I missed them the first time. I was downtown yesterday and got them all so I know they're there.

how small are they?

The stickers are maybe a half inch wide (just approximating) by 6-10 inches long, depending how long the code is. I also missed them the first time, I had to look closely until I found them. They're white; they look like stickers from the label makers you can buy from Staples, Office Depot, or an office store. Once you notice them on the top metal part of the panel, they're easier to spot.

Also, the metal staff water bottles look awesome! Are any of them going to be out for individual sale? It would be awesome to buy them.

Will the little water bottles in the Penultimate Prize, gonna be for purchase on it's own?

I can't believe the Giga Choclate Victory Package is sold out again! Will they be restocked again?

THE GIGA CHOCOLATE VICTORY PACKAGE has been RESTOCKED! There are 20 more AADL Chocolate Logos now available in the Summer Game Shop!

Um, no they've been restocked once and sold out again at this point...

I clicked through to this blog post from the library home page, and half the links aren't working properly. For example, I click on "SUPREME SUMMER GAME MASTER SET" and end up at
with an "access denied" error. If I change the www.aadl to play.aadl, it works okay. And if I read this blog post by clicking through on the play.aadl.org site, the links work fine. Weird. (I'm using Firefox 3.5 on MacOS 10.6.8, if that's possibly the explanation...)

Love the descriptions of the rare badges - I was laughing out loud when I read them!


what is in the giga chocalate set?

The Police Badger set was a very interesting set to find. I took the time to read each post and learned a LOT about how different police work was in the past. Lead bullet proof vests?!

Yay!!!!!!!! I am sOooooooooooo excited!!!!!!!!!!!!

You've outdone yourselves with the descriptions of the rare buttons. I almost choked on my water reading the blurb on the dingo wolf button. Bravo!

I think so to! I love this Summer Game its so fun!

I have 20 badges right now, and I keep on getting more!

this is pretty cool
AADL is always finding more things for us to do

I agree, I really liked the constant search for the badges every week.


I'm super excited for the pin collections!

I was helping out at a summer program, and I saw one camper wearing the aadl.org hat, and one wearing the play.aadl.org shirt!

Loved the Then and Now Badge Challenge. I love looking at old photographs. Are any of these available as prints or postcards?

Yeah, I'm having your problem too camelsaba, except in reverse. When I click on a link from my player page to an aadl.org site, it pops up as play.aadl.org. I get an access denied error even when I changed the URL to aadl.org. I'm running Safari on iPad original, if that helps anyone.

We've got some weird cross-site links smv and camelsamba, mostly because anytime you touch your myaccount info, that information is encrypted, but there isn't a security certificate for play.aadl.org. It doesn't make it any less secure, it just means that a third party is not saying that play.aadl.org is actually operated by the library. So you can click past those errors if you run into them and we'll try to get a better solution to that implemented.

I hope I will be able to buy the teddy bear badge!

Yay chocolate!

This is going to help.


I really hope the Penultimate Bag isn't sold out before the 26th.

Hooray for the Miyazaki badge! I adore Hayao Miyazaki's movies.

I can't figure out some of these, but I suppose I'll keep trying :"D

can't find the codes!

It's not looking good for the penultimate prize pack lasting until the 26th Luckyduck, there are only three left as of right now. They could restock before then though.

What codes are you having trouble finding marisal?

I really want one so I hope they will restock!

When the magic bags are restocked, is it possible to get them for someone else's library card? I already got my RFID, but I think they would be great to get for my kids, but my kids don't have that many points (and I've got plenty of points to get them with).

Hey Eli, I already got the Supreme Prize but I still have a lot of points that I don't know what to buy with so can I purchase the Penultimite prize with my remaining points? It's okay if I can't but I thought I would ask first.

hey guys, you can get a magic bag for someone else's card, just specify the card number in your order comments. And lucky duck, have you considered the exciting and thrilling world of Classic Summer Reading Game button collecting?

These new badges are getting better and better

wow - how are people finding all these codes so easily - and that leaderboard is insane :)

New badges are up - yay! (And boo because I think these are last ones, right?) Can't wait to start looking for them tonight!

The AA police badges and the miyazakotaku badges was really fun to find!

I got all of the badges!