The Kitchen Daughter and the SIMMER Blog

Back in June, we were contacted by Jael McHenry, author of The Kitchen Daughter. She liked our blog and agreed to come visit. On Thursday, August 18th, Ms. McHenry will be at the Downtown Library at 7 pm. She will talk about her debut novel and sign copies (Don't worry if you don't have yours yet. Copies will be available for purchase).

Jael is also an enthusiastic amateur cook. Her food blog SIMMER is very popular with foodies. Bring questions about food, cooking and writing for an evening of great discussion and fun.

AND she is bringing us FOOD! We were sure that the TSA won't let her bring them on the plane but her mom is going to step in and BAKE! So come and taste one of the fabulous recipes in The Kitchen Daughter. Are we in for a treat!

BTW, if you don't already know... since our blog was published in April, The Kitchen Daughter was named "Pick of the Week" in the Boston Globe's Word on the Street, and in June Oprah picked it as one of this summer's "Tantalizing Beach Reads."


An event with food, even more reason to attend!

I love to bake!!


Sounds really cool!

This sounds like fun.

This sounds delicious :)

also check out it's pretty awesome.


What a great event! I plan to come. Any hints for parking now that the lot is torn up? I'll plan to come early to hunt for bonus codes for the Summer Reading Game :-)



Wow! My mouth is already watering like crazy.

food for thought.

ssmyth, if you ever want free parking after 5 pm, pull into the UM Credit Union lot. We've never been ticketed.

STA? I thought it was TSA, for Transportation Security Administration.

Congratulations, Staffer JS, for being the catalyst with your great blog, which will bring Ms. McHenry to the Library. Here's to the power of online replies!

This is great, I can't wait ti attend.

cool,love to come

sounds great


sounds great, I will try to attend.

OMG!!! So cool!

I haven't had a chance to read "The Kitchen Daughter" yet, but even so I think I would enjoy coming to this program!

Sounds like fun.


she has great recipes, can't wait for this event!


I can't wait to attend.

The book sounds great. I hope to make it to the event.


Wish I could have gone.

Heard the food was great!

Baking is so much fun!