Focus on Native Americans

The National Library Service added several titles to its Native American collection, which includes works by Native American authors as well as folklore, history, mythology and fiction. Titles are for both younger & adult readers. Many are available in both our aadl and WLBPD collection or in Large Print, too. You can find items tagged as Native American in aadl's catalog. The more items tagged, the more points to score for the Summer Reading Game!


Deserve attention.

Native Americans were pretty much the material that made us.

Native Americans should be treated equally as good as non native people.

i'll look at them

I'll take a look at them.

I was shocked by the treatment of Native Americans in our country's history. Howard Zinn's book The People's History of the United States goes into a lot of detail of their mistreatment and broken promises by the government (along with many other subjects). I highly recommend it.


I will definitely look this!