Nancy Wake, WW II resistance fighter, who inspired the book and movie, Charlotte Gray, has died

Nancy Wake, a highly decorated special agent for Winston Churchill during World War II, died two days ago.

The Nazis fast-tracked White Mouse, as they named Wake, to the top of their most-wanted list. She was a fearless resistance fighter in France and a deadly agent who reportedly once killed an SS guard with her bare hands. In another famous incident, she bicycled 500 km (310 miles) in 3 days (remember, this was pre-multi-speed race-quality cycles) to deliver crucial codes to a wireless operator responsible for coordinating supplies and weapons drops.

Sebastian Faulks based his 1999 novel Charlotte Gray on Wake's heroic actions. Two years later, Cate Blanchett starred in a movie by the same name.

Ms. Wake died 23 days short of her 99th birthday.


In another remarkable action, Ms. Wake parachuted in France and organized a resistance group 7000 strong which successfully attacked nearby German forces.




Is it a teens book an adults book or a kids book? Either way, I'm sad.

I feel so sorry for her.

That's so sad, France is also my favorite soccer team.

:-( So sad

I'd never heard of her before this. I'll have to read more about her.

Very sad.

I think it's so sad that she didn't get to celebrate her 99th birthday. She was only 23 days away!


Already 13 requests for the video and 7 for the book - clearly this post has inspired people to learn more about this remarkable woman!

This is a GREAT Sebastian Faulks book. I loved Birdsong too. I think the fact that Charlotte Gray is based on a true story made it so much more captivating.

wow she was old! i feel sorry for her. she was brave in World War 2

so sad ;-(