Kick Back and Knit

Casting on, knitting, purling, and casting off, the basics, this is what you can learn. Pick from simple patterns for an easy project. Join this circle of knitters at Traverwood, August 11, 2:00-3:30 PM. Grade 6 to Adult. Bring your own needles and we'll supply a variety of colorful yarns. All knitting begins with a simple slip knot. . .

Ideas and patterns galore can be found in books and magazines at the library. You may want to start with, Creative Knitting : Easy Knitting For Everyone! or Interweave Knits a couple magazines that focus on knitting. Then check out books on hats, gifts, socks, or projects to make with only one skein.

Give it a try!

Kick Back and Knit | Thursday, August 11 | 2-3:30 pm | Traverwood Branch


My friends mom would like this event


looks cool

i love it !!!

nice, i will be there

Who is the instructor? Is this info listed somewhere?


knit 1, pearl 1, knit 2, pearl 2 -- sounds very relaxing :-)

Shoot, I'm busy then! Otherwise I'd be there.

I got knitting needles for a birthday gift one year - maybe this it the time to learn how to use them:)!

This is awesome! I really like knitting.

aw, too bad it's at traverwood...

do we have to bring our own needles?

I really like knitting. I wish I could go but I think I have other plans.



Even though I am a boy, I would like to learn how to knit. It would come in handy...someday.

Are there any books that teach you how to knit?

What an excellent idea! A way to craft among others and knit in public. AADL has a TON of knitting books. So many that I just can't believe it.



My friend does this all the time. SHe brings her knitting with her wherever she goes.

Sally, sometimes we host these knitting programs with special 'instructors' but for this summer program we're simply
hosting with AADL staff folks who knit. Hope you can join us.

We have extras; not to worry.

Sounds fun! I don't know how to knit, but I can do basic crochet.

Why don't you have this at all the branches?

I would have loved to attend this event, but I dont have needles. I've always wanted to learn how.

I wish needles were available, I have none but I've always wanted to learn how to knit

I have been wanting to learn how to knit.......this is awesome

can i still come if I bring crochet hooks instead?

My mom would like this event.

wish I could be there

i wish i could go to this tmrw if only on a different day!


i lost my needle. and didn't get to go because i was busy. wish i could have gone

I had a great time and did not realize it was not that difficult

My mom probably would have liked this.

To the person asking about books to teach you knitting: they do have plenty of those. However, in my experience it's a whole lot easier to learn to knit by sitting beside a person and - you can see what is happening and follow along, developing muscle memory as you go. Second best is to watch videos that are shot over someone's shoulder - you can find lots of youtube, maybe also at the library.