6th Annual LEGO Contest Winners!

If you missed this year's 6th Annual LEGO contest held at Weber's Inn last night you missed the highlight of some Ann Arborites' year! Breaking all previous records this year's contest was the biggest ever with 206 entries in 6 categories: Preschool, Grades K-2, Grades 3-5, Grades 6-8, Grades 9-12 and Adult. And about 600 people attended the awards ceremony last night too! Thanks to all of this year's participants and we look forward to seeing you next year. Sometime soon there will be photographs of every winner's LEGO project linked here and permanently found on our contest page. Without further ado, the winners (after the jump).

1st Place: Adit Vuppala
Runner-Up: Ryan Grant
Honorable Mention: Ellie Finnegan
Best Motorized Project: Ronald Chen
Best Architectural/Engineering Project: Nakshatr Gupta
Coolest Robot: Geunbi Bae
Best Vehicle: Jack Van De Ryt
Most Creative: Sam Rietz
Most Sophisticated: Moses Strom
AADL LEGO Master Builder: Sanchia Gupta

Grades K-2
1st Place: Hudhaifah Rehman
Runner-Up: Nicholas Lukela
Honorable Mention: Elliot Varnum
Best Motorized Project: Gabe Johnson
Best Architectural/Engineering Project: Ansh Chauhan
Coolest Robot: Rhys Burman
Best Vehicle: Noah Shin
Most Creative: Lili Bucklin
Most Sophisticated: Heather Marano
AADL LEGO Master Builder: Hugh McCurren
Best Tethered Aircraft: Malcolm Wilson-Ahlstrom

Grades 3-5
1st Place: Cortland Toschlog-Green
Runner-Up: Alex Meints
Honorable Mention: Claire Pufahl
Best Motorized Project: Robby Duquette
Best Architectural/Engineering Project: Leah Fleming
Coolest Robot: Logan Stafford
Best Vehicle: Celeste Forester
Most Creative: Beatrix Dergis
Most Sophisticated: Colin Pufahl
AADL LEGO Master Builder: Andrew Yang

Grades 6-8
1st Place: Michael Mishler
Runner-Up: Casimir Mankowski
Honorable Mention: Noah Luntzlara
Best Motorized Project: Jack & Robby Haviland
Best Architectural/Engineering Project: Sarah Remillard
Coolest Robot: Olivia Popp
Best Vehicle: Mark Bruey
Most Creative: Matthew Remillard
Most Sophisticated: Justin Forester
AADL LEGO Master Builder: Aidan Brown-Danovi
Coolest Robbery: Max Cooley

Grades 9-12
1st Place: Logan Benton
Runner-Up: John Behrendt
Honorable Mention: Cameron McLaughlin
Best Motorized Project: Alexander Deatrick
Best Architectural/Engineering Project: Ian McKenny
Best Vehicle: Austin Merrick
Most Creative: Nick Lemerand
Most Sophisticated: Avery Feingold
AADL LEGO Master Builder: Andrew Lemerand

1st Place: LiLi
Runner-Up: Brenda Shih
Honorable Mention: Kevin & Jennifer Bruey
Best Architectural/Engineering Project: Virginia Falk
Coolest Robot: Jason Zao
Best Vehicle: Tresna Taylor
Most Creative: Amy Remillard
Most Sophisticated: Peter Alway
AADL LEGO Master Builder: Allen Ano


cool! I want to see the lego projects!

Awesome! Do we get to see the winning projects?

A MILLION WINNERS!!! Or, at least it looks like it.


Congrats Ms. Bruey! You're an awesome librarian! :)

There were so many awesome creations.

I'm stoked to see the photos, but in the meantime congrats to all the winners! Wish I could have made it; I'm continually amazed at what people can do with LEGOs.

Simply loved the projects,how creative our Ann arborites are.
Smita govil

So great to see all these wonderful creations, a lot of talent.

Good one, Cort!

nice! good job everybody


There were some FABULOUS submissions! I was happy to see them up close. I'm so glad I wasn't a judge, because man- that must have been hard! Congrats to all the winners. Looking forward to seeing the pics on aadl.org.

We didn't realize there was an adult category this year - my husband probably would have entered something if he'd known. I guess we should have paid attention!

Congrats to the all the winners. I bet it was fun.

Amazing talent. You should post photos.

Good Job!!!!!

Pictures PLEASE! This is a great event. Consider hosting it more often.

it was a fun event; thanks for sponsoring it!

Great Contest.

Congrats. You are so great !!!!!

Will you be posting pictures of the winner?

thanks SMV!

Yup, pics are coming of all winning projects, there's a lot to sort through! Stay tuned!


I want to see the lego projects too!! cuz 1 of my friends did it.

Since the library sponsors the event, any thought to adding a project inspired by a book category?

Yay Legos and all Lego builders!

I feel sorry for kids and adults who didn't come.All the same, my mom didn't know it was last night,
so we didn't go I'm sorry to say.For people who did make it, congratulations!

I really truly wish I was in the contest! It would have been so awesome,no doubt.

My son won! I'm so proud!

Wow!! These are really cool and there very good.

Lots of winners...Hope I could be one someday

so sorry we missed it!


Way to go Lego builder's. And congratulations winners!!

soooo happy for them

post picutres!

Congrats lego builders! Great job!

cool! congratulations winners!!

How many winners are there?

Way to go!!!