After years of sailing through space, travelling from port to port, Avice Benner Cho returns to her hometown, a tiny human colony on Arieka, a planet at the edge of the known universe in China Mieville's Embassytown. Sitting in the midst of a much larger alien city, Embassytown is where the humans live peacefully side by side with the Hosts. The city’s equilibrium is destroyed when the capitol sends a new Ambassador who can speak the impossible language of the Hosts despite having grown up on a different world. As human and Ariekene society crumbles, Avice races to prevent war between the two groups while searching for a cure for the new affliction crippling the Hosts.

Miéville is a master storyteller. The undercurrent of espionage running throughout the story leaves the reader feeling unsure who to trust. Miéville knows that words have power, and that is never truer than in Embassytown.