It's almost LEGO Contest Time!

Hopefully you have been working hard on your LEGO project for this week's upcoming 6th Annual LEGO Contest held at Weber's Inn this Thursday! If you haven't be sure to read the rules and guidelines and get cracking! Preschoolers all the way through Adults are invited to enter or come look at this always exciting contest. The doors will be open for the public to come take a look from 6:00-8:00 PM with the Award Ceremony to immediately follow at 8:00 PM. As always there will be gift cards to Target for the winners, special ribbons and LEGO trophies! Hope to see you there! Check out our video of some of last year's winners.



Shreeman1999, I know you, but you might not know me. Creepy, huh?

so cool!

My entry is ready. My brother smashed my first one yesterday but now I have an even bigger one.





Very cool


cool program

The Lego contest is always so great!

looks like fun




wow! My brother would love to enter it.

I think that this is probably one of the best AADL events of the year.

I love lego!! so sad that I can't go. Will there be pictures of the winners and their projects??

We have not participated in the past; are looking forward to it this year!


I love LEGOs. This opportunity rocks.

Looks like a fun event!


Good luck to everybody!!

Lego builders get ready,because it's anyone's contest.

cool. legos are awesome

Can't wait! This is a fantastic event. Thanks!

This sounds very interesting.

awesome!! I'm excited

Excited to see this year's entries!


Last years creations were pretty cool.

my brother is going to submit his lego creation!

Lego's are amazing. I used to make and program Lego robots when I was little. I know my sister is really interested in going to see the lego contest. Maybe I'll bring her!

I'm looking forward to seeing all the entries today!

That video was nice.

LEGO'S ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

I was AMAZED by what I saw this afternoon when we dropped off the kids' entries. Can't wait to see what else is there. Seriously amazing builds!

I actually quite disagree with some of the judge's choices of rewards. The basis on which prizes were given should account in the amount of effort a student put and the amount of time he or she took to build such creations. It should not be based on personal preference of the judges. I was quite shocked that some of these legos didn't win any recognitions. Great show this year from the kids! I would recommend a rubric next year and be publicized to the students so everyone has an equal opportunity.

Sounds like a fun time! Wish I was good at that kind of stuff! I know someone who may want to come though!! He is a wizard with legos!


I really wish my friend was in this contest. He'd probaly win something

My brother won first place a year or two ago!