Scrapbooks from Scratch

Gather together your collected items (you know those odds 'n ends, ticket stubs, pictures, programs, clippings from sports events or travels) and bring them with you to fit inside a scrapbook we'll make from simple materials.

Join us at Traverwood, Thursday, August 4, from 2:00 - 3:30 PM. Materials will be supplied.
Scrapbook ideas galore can be found at the library. Grades 6-12.


sounds so cool really wanna go



Hey Shreeman,
Do you always write "awesome" on all your comments?
Oh yeah... do you know me? I'm the person from Anuj's birthday party.

I'm just a bit past 12th grade, but this sounds like a great event!

sounds awesome

is dis hirva?

Please feel free to attend if you'd like.
'a bit past 12th grade is fine'!

love scrapbooks!

I love scrapbooks!!!! Can't wait

sounds like fun



oh my god!! that's so cool!

I have so many tickets and other things from travels, but I can't go. :( Maybe next time.


Traverwood is my local library!

sounds fun


I have the supplies for making a scrapbook but I don't really get how to make one. This will be great for me!


my kids would love this; too bad they aren't old enough to attend!

sounds awesome

This looks like a lot of fun! I'm too old but perhaps my sister would like it.

Please do this again! I'm gone this time but that sounds so fun.


Can't wait, this looks like fun.

wish i had gone, but i was busy


I really wanted to go to that event! But I couldn't :(


I finally did my first scrapbook page

Did I say before that I miss everything?