Teen Graffiti Art On Display

Remember to check out the Teen Graffiti panels on display at the Downtown Library in the Multi-Purpose Room and also on the third floor. See the artwork of the thirty artists (including the three winners!) who came out during the Art Fair to express themselves in graffiti art. Panels will be on display until Tuesday, August 30 - including this rose from one of the winning artists!


That sounds sooooo cool! hey are sooooo lucky!

The graffiti is beautiful! All the teens did a great job.

Will do

cool artwork

We had some talented teens competing this year. Great job, everyone!

cool! they artists did a great job. u shud post their art online!


I saw this display this week - some really creative stuff!


definitely going to check that out

I haven't had a chance to check out the art yet, but if they are all as amazing as the rose one then I'm sure they are all amazing! I'll have to make time to come check it out:)


Cool! I might go see!

Im in there!!!!!!!!

there was a kid in my class who was great at graffiti, so i am very keen on seeing what they can do

I love graffiti! cool!!!

very nice work!

Cool! I'll be sure to check them out!

Saw the canvases last week. Very cool! Hope I can get my son to participate next year.

It was very fun

Looks like everyone had fun and did a great job!


Looked at these over the weekend, the rose was beautiful.


Shoot! I was just at the Downtown Library but I had no idea that the art was there.

Checked these out tonight; they look so different up close! Great exhibit.

its nice to see a good outlet for their talent

graffiti as art very cool

congrats to the three winners!!


i should go check it out.


I can't wait to see the art!

I hope I can participate next year.


It's quite gorgeous. Can't wait to see the other artwork!

Will try to make it down there this week!

The panels are really cool!

whoaa that looks so cool!

I looked at them again this week and noticed things I hadn't before...really creative!

I'm gonna check this out when I get back.

The rose looks so cool!

Where were all the taggers that tag buildings downtown?

They we're so amazing!

Not to say anything critical, but I hope these teens are being instructed that graffiti art is not something to be done outside on buildings, bridges, communication boxes, etc. There is so much new graffiti around A2 and it is costly to remove. It's great that teens can creatively express themselves on paper or canvas in a structured classroom setting, but hopefully the message is clear about where this "art" is appropriate and where it is not.



luv it

I might enter next year when I am in sixth grade

- want to see that abd maybe do it next year

I cant wait to see it!

sally789, I hope you get the opportunity to see the exhibit. All the teen artists sign a waiver/registration form before entering the contest. In this waiver it is clear what our expectations are and that their paintings will be part of an exhibit at the library. The paintings range from planets, peace slogans, flowers, hearts, and abstract designs; they are fun-loving and creative. We plan this single program to coincide with the Ann Arbor Art Fair; we think it's a good fit for this weeks' happenings in the community.

Deez younguns goin' all library, son!

theres a summer game code in the multi purpose room for this

Cool! Great job, artists!

Really? There's a code?!?