Your City, Your Vote: City Primary Election is Tuesday, Aug. 2nd

On Tuesday, August 2, 2011 Primary Elections will be held in the City of Ann Arbor to determine the Democratic candidate nominations for City Council in Wards two, three and five only. Primary elections are not necessary in the first or fourth Wards so those polling locations will not be open. Remember to bring along your photo identification to receive a ballot. Need more info? Call the City Clerk’s Office at 734.794.6140.


Hurray for voting!

good to know


I want the right to vote! Here's my chance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



will do!

why can't people vote at a younger age?

sure we will do that.

Wow, politics is very important I realized.

If only more people did so!

good to know

I would have completely forgotten!


voting is very important