Author Becky Thacker Discusses Her New Book "Faithful Unto Death" Based On A True Family Murder

Friday August 5, 2011: 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm -- Downtown Library: Multi-Purpose Room

Enjoy a good page-turning mystery novel? Learn about Becky Thacker's own family mystery that inspired her new novel, "Faithful Unto Death."

Thacker's novel provides a window into the daily lives of small-town Michiganders at the turn of the century, wrapped up in a riveting whodunit. Why was the pious daughter of missionaries suddenly stricken with a mysterious and fatal ailment -- was it an illness -- or suicide -- or murder?!

Join us and hear more about the real murder; this engrossing book; and why the University of Michigan Press decided to make this mystery novel available for free on their Facebook page as a special serialized summer read! This event includes a book signing and books will be on sale.





This is an awesome book! Definitely check it out for free on the Facebook page!

A serialized novel released on Facebook - what a great use of technology!

cool a new book

This looks like an interesting book. I'll have to add it to my wishlist!

Will look into this..........

sad, I probably won't able to make it but I'll definitely check out the book!

I couldn't stand a book like that.

I know a man who is also trying to dig into a suspicious death in his family's death. This sounds like it's going to be great to hear about.


sounds interesting

this book looks interesting!

sounds like an interesting novel

sounds great!


This book sounds creepy! Hope this never happens in A2!


Thanks! I will check out the Facebook Page. Sounds interesting.



This looks really good.



This sounds like a really cool plot! I love mysteries.



sounds like a good book, i will have to read it soon!!

serena, you spelled "Awsome" wrong!!! :P



Sounds like a pretty good book!

What does pious mean?

Hmm, I don't really like murder mysteries, but we'll see.

Pious can mean that someone is falsely sincere or falsely earnest.

If you didn't go you missed a good time.

looks like a god book