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Askold Buk: Guitar-Driven, Groove-Oriented Feel-Good Jazz/R&B Tunes
"I think a lot of today's instrumental music takes itself so seriously that it intimidates people - it's quite different from the great instrumentals I remember that were catchy, feel-good tunes with no pretense," observes guitarist Askold Buk. "My goal is to recapture that vibe by writing music that is as much fun to listen to as it is to play." Buk certainly creates a fun, unpretentious mood on his critically-acclaimed debut album, which is chock full of melodic, guitar-driven, groove-oriented jazz/r&b tunes.

Where's Moo: Moody, Atmospheric, Paranoid and Definitely Not Typical Rock and Roll
Los Angeles alternative rock outfit Where's Moo have reached new heights with their latest full length album, Dear Friend Dopamine. Fans have likened Where's Moo sound to R.E.M. and The Pixies having sex on a spaceship crashing into the sun. This album is a prime example of the sentiment, so perusing the disc on your iPod in a coffee shop is not recommended, as it is guaranteed to make you spill your latte. Where's Moo take the ball, run with it, and kick it all over the place. Dear Friend Dopamine is no mere collection of Xerox rock and roll, but the birth of something exciting and new.

Philharmonia Baroque: Historically-Informed Classical Orchestra
Not only is this the only in-print recording of Handel's magnificent and rarely performed Atalanta but, as the Wall Street Journal observed in April 2006, this two CD release by San Francisco's Philharmonia Baroque also represents an important shift in the Classical world towards digital distribution. As a work of art, Atalanta is the most festive and idyllic of all Handel's operas—one brought to life by this fresh, charming performance under the direction of Nicholas McGegan.

Sieber, Kammen and Fulton: Dreamy Music from the Acclaimed Video Game "Braid"
This haunting soundtrack is an eclectic, abstract and deeply emotive selection of modern Celtic music and medieval instrumentation. Not a gamer? No worries. Knowledge of the game is not required to appreciate the offerings from electric cellist Jami Sieber, Celtic musician Shira Kammen, and harpist Cheryl Ann Fulton. For those not in the know, Braid is a unique, painterly video game filled with puzzles, a princess in distress, and opportunities to manipulate time.

Solace: Classical Middle-Eastern with Excursions into Electronica
Lose yourself in the intoxicating sounds of Opium Head. This aural narcotic is an experiment in structure and sound, designed without regard for genre. The songs contained herein are not compositions, but rather arrangements of various Indian Bhangra and Bollywood samples demodulated from their organic forms, modified, then arranged in a rhythmic/melodic mix. The parameter prescribed for this project was to create an organic mix laced with minimal electronica, as compared to an over-the-counter electronic mix dosed with minimal organic sounds. Music is our drug, take a listen and join us in our addiction.


I've been listening to Jazz albums through this service, which has been great at work. I love it! I very much liked Askold Buk's self-titled album, so it's nice to see it highlighted in this post. Thanks for making this possible.


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I love this service. It's a great way to find new music to stream at work!

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Does AADL have R&B especially the oldies?

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