Author Birthdays: Potter, Ashbery, Davis

July 28th marks the birthday of authors Beatrix Potter, John Ashbery, and Jim Davis.

Beatrix Potter was an English author known for her children's books, most notably The Tale of Peter Rabbit. There are actually over 20 tales of Peter Rabbit and his fellows, like Mrs. Tittlemouse and Mr. Tod.

Potter's other works include The Fairy Caravan, about a guinea pig who runs away from home to join the circus, and the sort-of-autobiography Letters to Children From Beatrix Potter, edited by Judy Taylor.

John Ashbery is an American poet. According to the Academy of American Poets, he has won nearly every major American award for poetry, and has quite a few other awards as well.

Ashbery's collections include the Griffin Poetry Prize winner Notes From the Air, and the Pulitzer Prize, National Book Critics Circle and National Book Award winning Self-Portrait in a Convex Mirror.

Jim Davis is an American cartoonist. You've probably at least heard of his most famous strip, Garfield. In addition to the actual strip, he also helped to write and produce the many TV shows, specials, and CGI movies starring the lazy cat.

While his main cartoon is Garfield, Davis also wrote U.S. Acres, also called Orson's Farm, which you still might recognize if you have ever watched the animated series Garfield And Friends.

If you're looking for Summer Game points, try taking a look at some of those titles!



Happy birthday!

happy birthday to the great authors!

Happy birthday and great wishes to all

Garfield RUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Beatrix Potter isn't that bad either.Good stories.

Happy bday!


I just read the Tale of Peter Rabbit to my daughter the other night. Timeless stories. And beautiful illustrations. And I loved Garfield when I was younger. Oh, to be a lazy lasagne-eating cat.

They sound like pretty good books.

Happy birthday

I remember reading about Peter the Rabbit as a child. And are Garfield books still coming out?

Happy Birthday! Garfield is Awesome!

Happy Birthday!!!!


My kids love Garfield but I make sure that they understand not to emulate his actions.

Happy Birthday to you!