Block Printing Workshop

At this linoleum block printing workshop you will create a design, carve the design into a soft linoleum block, and then print the image onto paper and/or note cards. This is your chance to create wall art, or perhaps design a card.

Have you done block printing before and are looking for more instruction, ideas and practice? Or are you a first timer wondering what block printing is all about? This workshop is for you.

We will supply all the tools necessary, you supply the creativity! If you have something you’d like to print on, or have your own tools, feel free to bring them.

Don't forget to check out some of AADL’s books on block printing for a spark of ideas.

This DIY event is for Grades 6- Adult, and takes place at Pittsfield on Tuesday, July 26, from 6:30-8:30pm. See you there!


sounds fun!

I'd love to come and I'm sure some of my friends would like it also! I'll try to get a few together:)

sounds fun!

this sounds so cool this is a great Idea.


No kidding - wonder if I can come.

I love making cards - but I've never made them like this. Looks awesome!

Linoleum blocks are awesome! Wish I were in town.


Looks fun!

This looks cool, I hope to make it.

I have to say, this summer, AADL has really been amazing at offering a lot of cool art programs!

Sounds cool!

This sounds really fun!

Wow! So cool. I hope I can make it

Looks cool! I wish I could go but I have other plans.

this looks fun!


Thank you AADL for all the events and activities.

Cool, I'm probably going to attend this event.

This is so cool!



I think I've done this with rubber plates, but I didn't know linoleum was that soft.


This looks like alot of fun.

sounds fun

I've done this before its pretty cool

I'd love to come.

I am definitely going to go!!

I'm definitely going to THIS! :-)


sounds cool! I'll try to make this one!


I think I have done this before! It is really fun.

I haven't done this since 5th grade and my portrait of my brother turned out like Guy Smiley from Sesame Street...

Im so going to this.

wait its 6 and up to ya my brother cant go.

Sounds like a lot of fun. I hope I can go.

I'm so excited about this!

I remember doing something like this but I don't think we used the same things.

This is hard but worth it.

So many of these art workshops have been on Tuesday night, when I have a pottery class at the Art Center. Sigh. I really would have liked to attend this one - I have carved the pink "speedy carve" block for rubber stamps, and wanted to see how linoleum differed.

Cool. Is this anything related to the type of carving that is used by letterboxers? I've done that and it was really fun.

This was a really cool event, and all ages seemed to really enjoy it. Initially, it seemed that a registration requirement would have been a good idea because so many people attended. However, even if it had been less well-attended, sharing of the tools and paint still would have been necessary so another well-done event. Thanks Anne and Amanda. I love AADL!

Camelsamba, Sorry to hear that the Tuesday night programs conflict with your pottery class. Hopefully there are some other craft programs coming up that you'll be able to attend. Scrapbooks from Scratch, Candy Sushi Workshop, Kick Back & Knit, and No-Sew Scarves are happening in August and NOT on Tuesdays, if any of those interest you.

As for the blocks, we carved "speedy carve" type blocks, so you didn't miss out on linoleum.

jasmine.tee.k, Glad to hear you are enjoying some of the AADL programs, and we're so happy to hear you had fun at block printing! Very few AADL programs require registration. We did have quite the turn-out for last night's program! Everyone got to participate and create some great carvings and prints!

Thanks for loving your local library, that's always nice to hear. :)


bradyemmett, I suppose you can carve linoleum or speedy-carve blocks to use for letterboxing. I'm not very familiar with letterboxing, but it seems that people use ink pads instead of paint and brayers for the actual stamping. Traditional block printing tends to use paint and brayers.

This event was one of my favorite events this summer!

Waz awesome!

Manz, thanks for the response. I heard great things about the event. I'll be interested to see if somethiing like this happens again.

this looks really cool!


sounda fun

This looks like something fun for the kids

ooooh, this looks super awesome!

it was fun

I enjoyed this