Hyboria's Next Top Barbarian

Conan the Barbarian is turning 80 this year. He was born in the early ‘30s to Robert E. Howard, a writer for Weird Tales, and immediately became a hero to legions of fans. The beefy barbarian has spent eight decades adventuring throughout the ancient world of Hyboria, battling sorcerers, evil warlords, monsters, and more than a few femme fatales. Read about his adventures in the original series of novels, and continue the journey with the ongoing graphic novel series.
Conan is celebrating his octogenarianism by returning to the silver screen this August in Conan the Barbarian. Portrayed by Jason Momoa, (most recently of Game of Thrones fame) our favorite Cimmerian will continue doing what he does best, busting heads and going primordial on his enemies.


Who would win in a fight between Jason Momoa, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Kevin Sorbo? They all played Conan (or Kull, who is basically the same character). Think about it. Khal Drogo vs. Hercules vs. the Terminator. The correct answer is.... Xena would beat them all.


This sounds like a great book.



The movie should be interesting. I hope it doesnt suck.

great book




Is this pre- or post-Governorship Schwarzenegger we're talking about, here? Also, a bit more germane to the post, can we expect a Tarzan reboot soon? Seems natural.


Sounds like a very interesting book.

Great. Sounds awesome.


that's pretty cool

SO now there's another Conan movie! But nothing like Arnold.