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The Napoleon Blown Aparts: Obnoxious High-Energy Rock
Biting guitars and gritty, pissed off rock vocals anyone? Yes please. According to frontman Ajax Garcia, “The Blown Aparts are a driving force of angst and teenage lust”. Check out their album Thrill Hype for a punked up Guns 'N Roses with a dash of The Dolls (See "Unlucky Star"). Ajax Garcia's voice sounds great on this album, and who can pass up a song called "Do you like my haircut?". Another highlight would be "Sonny", a totally unexpected combination of bongo drums and ebullient profanity.

Dufay Collective: Instrumental and Vocal Music from the Middle Ages and Renaissance
Music for the Spanish Court 1470-1520.
You’ve probably heard the Dufay Collective perform even if you think you haven’t. Their music is on the soundtrack of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Check out Cancionero, one of their best recordings to date. This collection of medieval repertoire spans the end of the 15th and the early 16th century, in what was Spain's golden age. The music comes from two main sources - the Cancionero Palacio containing songs and instrumental music from the court of Ferdinand and Isabella; and the manuscript Montecassino 871, associated with the Spanish court in Naples.

Mokhov: Aphex Twin meets Four Tet
Halcyon Days is the début album of Oleg Mokhov, "the world's most mobile electronic musician" - his studio is a laptop in a backpack. His tunes are a cross between Aphex Twin and Four Tet, with some Boards of Canada and DJ Shadow thrown in. If you like that style of IDM/instrumental hip-hop/downtempo music, this album is for you. If you enjoy what you hear, be sure to check out some of his music videos.

Gopal: Lend Your Heart to the Dilruba
The dilruba is a rare Indian Classical instrument with a meditative quality and a rich tapestry of sounds that touches the heart and relaxes the body-mind. This can be heard in Mystic Journey, an album that features the dilruba combined with other instruments such as Indian bansuri (bamboo flute), santoor and zither. Gopal's music is especially suited for soft movement, yoga, massage, healing, meditation, trance, relaxation or simply while falling asleep.

Self Delusion: Darkly Addictive Electro-Pop Songs
Self Delusion's sound betrays them as big followers of 80s music. Think of Depeche Mode with a bit more depression and brilliant buzzy electronica melodies. What more can you say about an album titled Happiness Hurts Me?


Thanks for this blog! There's so much music it can be hard to sort through.


Napoleon Blown Aparts - love it!

Very cool.

love it

"Think of Depeche Mode with a bit more depression and brilliant buzzy electronica melodies." Thanks for this. I think that I might be able to find some things to add to one of my running playlists.

The Napoleon Blown Aparts were part of the whole Hi Energy Rock and Roll that was filtering through the rock underground circa 2000. Fans should also check out Electric Frankenstein.


Now I know I'm truly old. Many of the adjectives meant to be positive have my cringe muscles working overtime.

This really helps people look for music!

I love the classical music selection!




This looks awesome!

Theres like as much music as there is books