Summer Math?

What lies ahead for you for this fall?

Is it Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Geometry, Statistics, Trigonometry or Calculus?

The Ann Arbor Public Schools math requirement to graduate is now a four year sequence for the class of 2014.

Many studies have demonstrated that students lose hard-gained math skills over summer vacation.

If you become skilled at math and problem-solving you will find more career and employment opportunities ahead of you in life. Why shut doors to opportunity now? Do the math and the rest will follow!!

Don't despair because the Ann Arbor District Library has lots to help your math skills stay fine-tuned over the summer!

Here are books and dvd's on Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry and Calculus.

Learning Express Library is a fantastic online service that will help you review at your own pace any math level and offers practice exams and tutorials for the SAT, ACT, and other college entrance exams, civil service, TOEFL and AP exams.

Brainfuse is an incredible online tutoring service with real live human tutors available from 2-11pm every day of the week.

Finally, click on π to find the name of this mathematical symbol and use it as a code for points in the AADL Summer Game 2011.


I love math! This will help kids get better at math.

How do we access Learning Express Library? My library username does not work to register me on their website. Do we have a subscription/access to that service through the AADL?

OMG thanks so much. I've been looking for stuff like this! :D

Hello adimarzo,

Yes, you first have to be signed on in your online Ann Arbor District Library account or any library (that you are a patron of) that subscribes to the service.

Click on Learning Express:

and then you have to create a login for a new user:

I've been relearning math this summer to study for the GRE :) thanks to all the nice GRE prep books AADL has!


In today's world it is becoming increasingly important for students to do well in math. Whether you want to be an engineer, doctor, teacher or a number of other professions, math is an essential key to success. Thank you AADL for helping to keep Ann Arbor's student's on top!


Math is my favorite subject at school( although I don't like to do it THAT much).

Check out this blog post about the Summer Math Dilemma:

And if your library has an iPad, this app will be useful. It has 120+ hours of math instruction through Algebra 1 - 70+ hours of animation, conversations, not lectures, no talking heads. The app is free and comes with two complimentary lessons to try out:

Thanks for helping stop the summer "brain drain"!!

Thank you for supporting our students!


very helpfuL!

i think this is good, considering education in america has fallen to horrible standards in my opinion

Thanks Cecile - I'll try it again. What a great resource.

Love it.

Love the codes hidden in the posts!



Wow, thanks Algebra lies ahead for me and i'm sure these links will be uberhelpful!


Hope my kids like math

OMG! I am not a fan of math, but, this might help me become better at it!

cool, thanks

cool code

Math was always one of my favorites. thanks for helping others learn it better!

I'm glad I decided to read through old posts for the game!

That was easy!