The Caterpillars Have Molted (again!) -- New Summer Game Code Now Available.

Most of the Cecropia Moth caterpillars at the Traverwood Branch have once again molted (though there are still a few little orange ones hanging around), passing into the developmental cycle scientifically known as "Green Pulsating Terror." To celebrate we've created a new Summer Game code, worth 500 points. Stop by the Traverwood Branch library to visit the caterpillars, which are on loan from the Leslie Science and Nature Center, and find the code to earn your points. Then redeem 'em for cool stuff in the Summer Game Shop!

Cecropia Buckthorn


Whoa! Giant caterpillar alert!



Their little "hands" are so cute!


A super fun exhibit. Each time I visit it I am reminded of the Tomato Horn worms that I used to have to pick off of the tomato plants as a kid.

This is great!

The caterpillar is molting and getting bigger every day!

we were just there the other day! will have to return to get another look.

I think the catepillars are so cool! I can't wait to see them turn into moths!!

They are so cool looking!

i think they look creepy up close

These guys look so cool! I hope I make it to Traverwood soon so I can see them again...and get some more points ;)


That's a giant caterpillar!

Wonder how big it is now.

I'm SO gonna go!

We have got to go see these guys!

i didnt know they had catterpillars



I want to go!


The idea of staggering points to get people in repeatedly is absolutely genius, particularly as a multi-step process is evinced by these caterpillars. The thoroughness of the Summer Game never ceases to amaze me; I hope to see an article come out of it!

a very pretty creature.

Awesome! Can't wait to go and take a peek!



What is she thinking?

who came up with this "green pulsating terror" name? It seems like a rough translation from Latin...


I saw them!


This is so cool! I love catepillars


They look awesome in real life too! Everyone should go check them out!

Those caterpillars are HUGE!

I got the Game Code!!! :)

Thanks for sharing them, they are awesome beautiful.


We enjoyed seeing these guys; and appreciated the exhibited moth and chrysalis, too.

Oh, it so cool

They are so cool

I saw them and they are getting pretty big!

there cute and weird at the same time.

We are seeing all kinds of caterpillars this year!! I guess they like the heat.

sounds cool! never been to traverwood but now i may have a reason to make the journey

When I was a young teen or, maybe a tween, I found a cocoon and saved it in the house over the winter. I had no idea what it was but I of course forgot I had stored it in an open cup in the kitchen. When I opened up that cupboard the next summer and this huge moth flipped out and grabbed onto the door I was very started. The moth was still pumping his wings full of fluid and was not yet finished. They are a very beautiful moth and of a surprising size.

There not giant it's just zoomed in

me to

That's interesting. : )

SWEET 1!!!!!!! AWESOME!!!!

We saw the caterpillars again this weekend. I can't get over how colorful they are. One was eating a leaf while we were there which was fun to watch.


Saw the caterpillars today. They are huge!!

We saw them again yesterday. All were bigger than when we last saw them and some of them are HUGE!

i don't think that cute is the word i'd use for those things

My kids love looking at them. They can't seem to get enough. It's cool to see caterpillars munching leaves up close.

Those guys are just so huge and terrifying! But kind of cool and cute at the same time.

awww...... so cute

That caterpillar is huge!


they're huge!

loved it

Who! Those are cool caterpillars kind of caterpillars.

How many codes are there going to be for the caterpillars?

Hi Zhengyang. There have been 4 codes, and the one that is currently posted is the 4th and final code. The caterpillars will be with us for about another week and then they'll go back to the Science Center.

My kids love looking at this exhibit

Those caterpillars were huge!

A face only a mother could love . . . ?

They're so cute! :)

I'm planning on stopping by to see them this weekend :-)

that is FREAKY

Yay! New game codes!