LISTEN!! Digital Music News: Nintendo Tunes, Memories of Gandhi, Sacred Vivaldi, Glamtasms, & an Elephant Orchestra

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A_Rival: Chip-Hop Defined...Electronic Rap at its Rawest
From Video Game music producer, composer, and performer A_Rival comes 8-Bit Pimp; the first full-length, Hip-Hop album of original music in which all tracks and beats were composed entirely using the sound chip of the Nintendo Entertainment System. A_Rival is bridging the gap between Hip-Hop and the up-and-coming Chiptune scene - an emerging music genre established in San Francisco among DJs, composers, producers, and musically-inclined fans of game music that seeks to push the boundaries of the art form.

The RajDhani Quartet: Hindustani Classical meets Carnatik Music
Combining two great traditions of the subcontinent, The Gandhi Memorial Concert merges the improvisational and mystical nuances of Hindustani and Carnatik music. The result is a uniquely lilting form that meanders gently in a natural, even organic way. Delicately detailed circular patterns are overlayed with thoughtful, narrative melodies (there's even violin), and there are lots of little gem-like solos dispersed within the ensemble's playing. The album features India's foremost tabla player, Subhash Karmarkar, as well as Jay Kishor on sitar, Subhash Vinjamuri on violin, and Dr. P.K. Swaminathan on mridanagam. We particularly like this in the morning, while still warming up to the day.

Bezdin Ensemble: Chamber Orchestra, Choir and Vocalists Specializing in Sacred Music
In September 1703, Antonio Vivaldi became maestro di violino (master of violin) at an orphanage called the Pio Ospedale della Pietà (Devout Hospital of Mercy) in Venice. Over the next thirty years he composed many of his major works there. The Bezdin orphanage in Romania is a similar institution; its purpose is to give shelter and education to girls who were abandoned or orphaned, or whose families could not support them. The girls receive a musical education and the most talented stay and become members of the Bezdin ensemble choir or orchestra. Check out Vivaldi Fata Tiganca, "Vivaldi was a gypsy girl" in Romanian, or Vivaldi Sacred Box, commissioned for the Arad Christmas Concert of 2009.

Rebel Rebel: Glamtastic Hollywood Shock Rock
L.A.-based band Rebel Rebel is known for insanely fun, high energy live shows and has been known to give their fans "glamtasms" from the relentless insistence on entertainment and riff-heavy rock. Explode Into Space was produced by Brian Kehew, known for his work with The Ramones, Alice Cooper, Henry Rollins, and Air. "Artificial Kid" and "Venus Plux X' are especially swaggery tunes. Bonus tracks in Spanish!

Jami Sieber: Enchanting Cello Compositions
If you're in the mood to relax or reflect, you've found the right album. Characterized by an impeccably clear recording and spaciously produced arrangements, Hidden Sky is electric cellist Jami Sieber's deep and seamless musical meditation on her meeting with the elephants of Thailand and, like those animals, is both large in scope, yet profoundly tender and wise. Strings Magazine described the album as being full of "slowly unfolding romantic melodies voiced with the dense, dark timbre of Sieber's masterfully wielded instrument". "Sukhotai Rain" and "A Common Music" include sounds made by the Elephant Orchestra from the Thai Elephant Conservation Center. Interested in more information about these amazing elephants? Check out this feature from National Geographic or this article from the New York Times archive.


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