Sensory Art Experiences for Little Ones

You are never too young to be an artist! Join us on Saturday, July 16 at the Downtown Library Multipurpose Room from 10:30-11a for Little Ones and Creative Fun. This sensory art experience is designed for 0-2 year olds and their caregivers, and provides a bonding experience through art that allows for early expression of creativity. Michelle Freund and Kelly Zechmeister of UM Child Care will guide us through the activities.


This sounds great, could a I as a special education teacher come and observe because I am always looking to find activities for kids that are functioning at that level to be able to do?

Liz, you are absolutely welcome to attend! Bring along any friends and neighbors you know that might be interested too, with their young ones. We look forward to seeing you.



Kelly & Michelle really know & love babies!

This sounds great; I hope to bring me granddaughter!


Looks cool!