Teen Stuff: See What I see, by Gloria Whelan

In this new book by Gloria Whelan, eighteen year old Kate, daughter of famous artist Dalton Quinn, whom she hasn’t seen or heard from in ten years, lives in northern Michigan with her mother. She wishes to attend art school in Detroit, which requires local residency. Since her father is back from New York and now residing in Detroit, living as a recluse and painting like a madman, she decides to drop in unannounced with the idea that she would live with him while attending art school. Things don’t quite go as planned. Her cantankerous father is less than open to the idea of her living with him, taking up space, and interrupting his work flow. When he falls ill, they strike a deal. Kate learns a lot that year. About herself, her father, and the art world.

See What I See is written from Kate’s young artist point of view, and she paints pictures as she narrates. Everything around her holds such texture, such color, such detail, and demands a painting. Author Gloria Whelan's time in Michigan is apparent. Kate's comparisons of Northern Michigan and Detroit are quite lovely to read, as we try to see what she sees.


Sounds like a worthwhile read.

I added it to my wishlist.

This book sounds like one my daughter would really enjoy.

can't wait to read it


Sounds good. Like the Michigan connection.

I'd be interested to see how Detroit/Northern Michigan are described in this book.

This seems like the perfect book for me

I liked this book a lot, but was sort of annoyed by the fact that she would never NAME CCS Directly - it struck me as odd since she did name Wayne State and other places... But that's a nit-picky thing ;)

goreygirl, I thought the same thing! CCS!

I've always loved this author so I've added this to my wishlist!!