Story Collider is Back This Friday with Fluctuations

Join us at the Downtown Library this Friday, July 15 at 7pm for the second Story Collider event to hit Ann Arbor. We loved what we heard at the last event so much we had to ask more storytellers in for stories about science in people's lives. This time around, listen to storytellers Ibrahima Bah, Allison Downey, Yvonne Healy, Jonathan Schwartz, Brian Wecht, and Brook Williams tell stories about "Fluctuations: Unexpected Turns and Curious Bumps."

If you want to learn more about Story Collider and how it came about, check out our podcast interview with host and co-creator Brian Wecht. And if you missed it in March, you can watch the last Story Collider event from AADL in our Video on Demand collection.

Story Collider: Fluctuations | Friday, July 15 | 7pm | Downtown Library: Multi-Purpose Room


can't wait............



Sounds great that it's back again!


can't wait

I've heard about this for some time, it sounds fun!

I really want to go!


Is this event kid and/or teen friendly?


sounds cool im going to try and check it out

I also want to hear what the reccomended ages for this event are.

hi fiddlemad and cherylo,

the recommended ages for this event are adults and teens. some content or language might not be appropriate for younger kids. hope to see you there!


What a great activity! Sounds like fun.

I love this

Thanks for bringing this back. Hope to attend.








oooh can't wait

sounds a bit like the program The Moth, which btw, is awesome!

Thanks for the info, Andrew. -Cheryl

This sounds like a lot of fun! I have not seen this in action before. I'll have to see if it conflicts with my Harry Potter movie happenings.

Storytelling is a great skill! Looking forward to this event.

From the description I can't quite tell what this is about... biology perhaps? Hard to tell.



Science is a wonderful thing to be discussing in a library.

cant wait.

I want to go!

Aw : ( I cant make it

That sounds so neat. I can't make it, but I bet it is going to be a lot of fun. I love science.



This sounds like it is going to be great. I am very excited!

Sounds sweet!!

I want to go because it's quite cool.


This was an absolutely amazing event! I had a great time, and was really impressed with the turnout. I was really glad that the staff added some more chairs during the intermission. I hope that you bring this event back!!

I can't wait for this to come back- it was amazing!

Can't wait for the next show in the fall! Truly.

This was a great event. I will definitely come to the next one. The stories put a unique spin on the teller's interpretation of fluctuation in their lives & the relationship they may have with science. It was very broad interpretation. The stories were interesting slices of people's lives and memorable, too.

This looks amazing!


Looks cool!


I am so excited about this!