Fabulous Fiction Firsts #277

NPR's Three Critics Pick The Best Books For Summer (listen to the podcast) has some fabulous titles. And no one was surprised that The Hypnotist * * featured prominently on it. Now NPR just unmasked the identity of the author(s), known until now, as Lars Kepler.

Stockholm. A gruesome triple murder. 15 year-old, the only witness/survivor, sustained 100 knife-wounds and is in shock. Detective Inspector Joona Linna's only option - to enlist the help of Dr. Erik Maria Bark, the hypnotist.

The battle-worn Linna and the reluctant and scarred Bark unwittingly set off a chain of violent events that climax at a remote cabin north of the Arctic Circle.

An international bestseller and already being adapted for film, The Hypnotist is an adrenaline- and action-packed thriller, "smart and unpredictable", atmospheric as it is cinematic. A nordic crime mystery debut to rival some of the best in the genre.

* * = Starred reviews


I'm really anxious to read this book!!

More Swedish crime fiction! I loved the Stieg Larsson books (and the movies). This one looks interesting too. Added to my wishlist!

sounds good

cool! looks good!


I can recommend both "Doc" and State of Wonder" from their picks.

looks good

Dear zornm:
I am a big fan of Ann Patchett's but I had a hard time getting into "State of Wonder".

I thought State of Wonder looked good as well. Sorry to hear it is hard to get into. I can recommend Silver Sparrow. I am close to finishing it and have enjoyed the story line, the characters, the setting and time period (the 1980s - I was growing up about the same time as the two main characters).

Dear adimarzo:
I have a hold on the audio of Silver Sparrow. Can't wait. Thanks for the recomm.

I read the demo and it sounds really interesting

It sounds very interesting. I'll make sure to read it!


This book looks interesting!

I like how books from non-american authors are becoming more popular


I heard the NPR interview with the authors of The Hypnotist. I couldn't imagine working that closely on a creative project... The book sounds really dark and interesting.

sounds good but has long wait list...

Definitely going to read!

looking forward to reading another book by a Scandinavian author

Books, books the magical things.