Family Campout at Rolling Hills: Let's Go!

Happy Campers Alert: More fun than a backpack of S'mores on Saturday, August 6, at the Family Campout at Rolling Hills Park. Activities will include:
• Fishing •
• Stargazing •
• Campfire Stories with Debra Christian •
(Award-winning Storyteller)
• S'mores •
• Nature Walks •
• Crafts •
• Free Dinner for Campers •

You can start setting up your tent at 2 p.m. and activities will begin at 5 p.m. Complete information is on the Registration Form.



It sounds fun!

Sounds like fun!!!

Wow, that really sounds like a lot of fun! I'm sorry I'll have to miss it due to other plans.

This includes access to the Water Park? Wow this sounds like fun!


I love to fish

Yes can we get into water parks?

Cool is right

Oh ya it will be FUN IN THE SUN

Sounds fun!!!

Unfortunately we will be out of town that weekend, but this sounds like a great event. I hope you schedule more events like this one; maybe we'd be able to make a future one.

After two weeks of s'mores and fishing, nature walks and stargazing, this still sounds fun!

sounds like a neat family activity

S'mores are yummy!

Access to the Water Park would be separate and subject to admission prices.

great idea for young children, staying close to home

I thought the absence of a specific statement about the water park was telling. It still looks like a great time. If it is exceptionally hot paying for the water park would not be a hardship.

Thanks for the information on this.

Camping is a great opportunity!

camping sounds fun


Sounds fun! If we are in town -- we are in!


Seems very cool!

this sounds like a lot of fun!!

Will be on vacation when this happens. No good. Sounds awesome though.

sounds cool




sounds like a party

Ms. Bates has been running this fantastic program for many years. It is heaps of fun -- makes me wish I was six again.

Wish I could've gone.